Monday, April 17, 2017


The Easter bunny really outdid himself this year.  I try to request a little bit of candy and a little gift.  But, somehow he thought I said a bunch of candy.  I'm not sure what happened. But, I'm going to make sure he gets my memo next year.

Anyway, the kids were excited to open their stuff.  Ben and Noah got some Disney Infinity characters they wanted for their Xbox. It's nice that when one gets a gift, it's really for both of them.

Emily got a ukulele.  She's been wanting one for awhile. It's a really pretty blue color.

And Rio got a box. But because it's triangular shape from the ukulele, he can only fit in it one way as he's a little round in the buttocks.  So, am I Rio, so am I.  The struggle is real.

Then, we drove down to my Dad and Suzy's house in Phoenix for a get together with family.  She spoils the kids and got them big Easter baskets too.

Noah looking cute.

My Mom, Dad and David just chillin'.

Rosie and her family came from California. The kids all play so well together.

Sweet Chase is so cute!  

Him and Noah are almost 2 years apart and good pals.

Suzy outdid herself on the food.  Ham with all the fixins, hot dogs and hamburgers.  YUM!

These two are up to no good.

Such a sweet little family.

Then, the kids and my Dad disappeared for awhile.  I went out to look for them. The golf course was closed, so they were playing a game of spot the golf ball in the lake, fish it out and Papa gives you a quarter.  

Emily found a $4 ball, so my Dad said she gets 75 cents for that one.  The collected probably 20 balls!  Then, my Dad took them on the golf cart.  This course was closed for reseeding, so we had it to ourselves.

Then, I had some Snapchat fun with my Mom.

My beautiful Momma...

And Suzy...kiss the cook because she always cooks!

Aw...Suzy makes a cute bunny.

That's Suzy and her daughter Nikki.

Emily was making a video at the end of the night with all her stuff. Holy moly. We are going to be eating candy for months!

It was a wonderful Easter.


Linda said...

Nice photos and glad you had a great day :)
Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

It was so nice to see Rosie John n Chase he's such a cutie..I so hope that Emily learns to play .some where over the Rainbow on her ukulele..that is one of my favorite songs.. played on the ukulele n I know she will be fabulous singing it.. :) all the kids did have a blast hanging out with their papa..on the golf course..Pete is so wonderful with the kids..also Gina..I got a bug chuckle with all the snap chat pics ..too funny :) you , me, Suzy n Nicki looked cute n beautiful.. :) we all had a fun day at ur dad n suzys..thanks for cooking patty melt love mama xoxo