Saturday, April 15, 2017

Easter Celebrations

We started the day with the annual egg hunt at our clubhouse.  The break it up into 4 age groups.  It was nice that the kids were old enough to be the in the two older age groups, so we didn't get there until an hour in. It's always so crowded in the beginning.  We got a front row parking spot and there was no wait in the balloon animal line.  It's the small things that make this Mama happy.  

Noah was up first and he was ready to get a some eggs.

I told him to look up as to not miss the two on top of his head.

They were filled with all sorts of yummy candy that was partially melted.  

Emily got a turtle bracelet.  It was so cute!

Then, everyone got a turtle bracelet.  It's better than the balloon swords that the boys get and pop within 60 seconds.  

Ben was in with Emily's age group this year.  Em is on the other end with some of her friends.

These three girlies had a great time.

They are growing up much too fast.

Here's all the turtle power.

Then, it was time to color eggs.

The kids love doing this every year.  

And here's their finished products.

Yesterday when we were out, we went by Trader Joe's for a few things and decided to grab pizza dough to make pizza.  David and I used to make calzones from this dough when we first met. But, we haven't made pizzas like this in forever.  The kids all got to roll their own and top it with cheese and pepperoni.  It was some trial and error at first.  

I figured they'd all love it just because they got to help make it.

Emily and Noah loved it. Ben, not so much.  He's picky about pizza.  But, we learned a few tricks, so next time, we'll give it another shot and think he'll love it.

Theirs all looked like the state of Texas. David and I used cast iron pans and ours looked professional.  David had olives, onions, sausage, pepperoni, bell pepper. Ours were delicious!

Noah gave it two thumbs up.  Ben wasn't crazy about the sauce, But, we learned we needed to par cook the dough for 5 minutes and then top it with stuff.  I'll try another sauce for Ben or maybe he can just have spaghetti sauce since he loves that so much.

It was another wonderful day.  Seriously, this three day weekend was one of the best ever so far.  Tomorrow, we are headed to Phoenix to spend the day with family.  Yea!


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Anonymous said...

Surprised to see yet another post today...Happy Easter. I have just had to write my two previous comments and so was not expecting another one so early in the day. Looks like the fun continued into Saturday and now will continue today as you head down to PHX. I guess hunting for Easter Eggs and dying and coloring real eggs never goes out of style.Looks like making your own pizza was a new but enjoyable way to prepare dinner on a Saturday night. Ben's looked good to me... Wish I had been there.Have fun today with your family in Phoenix and get ready to start back to a week of hard work and school for the kids.

Linda said...

Happy Easter! :) It looks truly like a wonderful weekend.

We didn't do any of those traditional Easter things and today, Easter Sunday, started out a "bit" rough in that Mom decided she didn't want to go to church with Dad, so he went by himself, and I was in the middle of cooking our noontime Easter dinner, but managed to have everything in the oven so that I could go over and help her get dressed, which was my first time doing this, and it was a challenge indeed, but I breezed through it really well with God's help for sure. So, then by the time Dad was arriving back, I had her all ready to go and we headed next door and enjoyed a good meal and some good quality time together. I did get Sarah an Easter basket still (at 21, lol), and she liked it though not much candy - mostly a few other things that she liked.

Love, Linda