Friday, April 14, 2017

A Good Friday

The kids had off today from school.  David had worked enough overtime this week that he only needed to take a few hours off of work.  So, he took the day off too.  My job is so flexible that I was able to make sure everything was done yesterday, so I could take the day off too.

So, we decided to spend a lovely day together.  But, before any fun, we had to take care of business.  The kids' passports just expired and they have to appear in person to get a passport.  Both parents also have to be there, which makes it hard to find time in a normal week to get that done. So, we headed to our downtown.  It's always so pretty at the square where the courthouse is.  I feel like we should come hang out here sometimes and get pizza and ice cream.

This is our courthouse.  It's so old and quaint and at a saloon across the street, Wyatt Earp drank some beer, or so the folklore goes.

That took about 30 minutes and then we were off to hike around Goldwater lake.  It's so gorgeous here.  The second I stepped out of the van, the pine trees smelled glorious, the breeze was just so, and I can't wait to go camping.  I couldn't believe that thought ran through my head, but I guess I enjoy camping more than I thought possible.  The kids played at the playground for a bit and David and I sat on a swing and watched them.  I could've sat here all day.

But, we headed off for a little hike.  The kids are up for anything if it involves climbing rocks.

We take a picture on these stumps whenever we come.

And they were off climbing.

It was a gorgeous day.

Ben tried to climb this rock from every possible way and couldn't get up it. He was mad that he was outdone by a rock.  So, David helped him up and while they were doing that, Noah climbed up the other side with no problem.  Ben was like, what the heck???

So Ben had to get down and get back up by himself.  
He defeated the rock and all was right in his world.

This picture is awful, but who cares?

I love the street we take to get to the lake. It has these super cute old Victorian homes.  I'd love to live in one if they weren't a million dollars.

Then, we headed to Texas Roadhouse.  Grampie had sent Ben some money for doing the Wright Flight program, so Ben treated us all to lunch and he still has half for his piggy bank.

Then, they got gumballs on the way out. 

We tried to head to the pool, but it was closed for the holiday weekend.  So, we waited a bit and decided to do a fire in the backyard.  Emily and Noah wanted to put up a tent and sleep outside.  I guess they are just as excited to go camping as I am.  Ben didn't want to sleep out in the tent. When I asked why he said it wasn't really camping. He's not into the tent in the backyard thing.  

It looks so bright, but it was almost 7:00.

We had some delicious smores.  YUM!

It was a perfect day.  


Piper AndTheKids said...

One of the things I was sad to leave behind when we moved was our picture spot! At the zoo, there is this little fake polar bear cave and my kids had to have their picture in it every time we went so over the years, I can line up those pictures and see how they have changed. I need to find a new "must do" picture spot here so I can continue the tradition of having comparison pics :p

Your day looked oh, so lovely :D

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

When I read this yesterday , my heart was filled with good feelings. I thought how special it is in these days for kids to have such great parents who give so much to their kids in a way that doesn't involve tons of $$$. I know there was money involved for passports and then again spent at lunch but that was not the important part of the whole thing , it was just spending the day together and having such a great day. Glad Grampie was able to help out with the lunch and that Ben had the experience of being in charge of paying the bill. ETC ETC... :)

Linda said...

Definitely a perfect day!! :) Glad you got to enjoy it together.

As to those old Victorian homes... funny story about that here, but Jim and I were totally enchanted by a similar historic old home here in our town, so much so, we really wanted to buy it. We were already thinking how my parents and us could sell our homes and live together there since there is a ground floor master bedroom that they could use and the other 4 bedrooms upstairs could be our quarters. Anyway - it's a completely GORGEOUS home, a mansion, 3500 square feet and only $125,000 here in our town. We seriously thought about it and then when we drove by yesterday with Sarah, the sign says "Sale Pending". :( But seriously, we don't really NEED all that space and as Jim and I said - our little house is entirely paid off and what more do we need going into retirement. But still... at the time, it seemed that it would solve a ton of issues here and worries that my parents have.

Love, Linda