Friday, March 3, 2017

Stan Lee

Ben had to do a book report on a biography this quarter in school.  I asked Ben who he'd want to read about.  He rattled off some people of interest, Stan Lee, Steven Spielberg, Walt Disney.  Then, the teacher said they had to dress up like that person and do a presentation at a Living Museum at school during Read Across America week.  Um, well, all those guys are not that fascinating to dress up as.  So, Ben asked if he can dress up with as one of their famous characters they created.  

I was pushing for him to do E.T., Jaws or a TRex from Jurassic Park since those are all from Steven Spielberg.  But, Ben went with reading about Stan Lee, so he could dress up as Spiderman.

But, this was his poster on another book report he did on Sharks.  He had to make a movie poster of it.  I love his "attention grabbing headline" that he came up with....
In the depths, no one can hear you scream....Sharks!

Ben's funny.

So, here he was at the Living Museum.  People would come up and press his power button and he'd come alive and present a minute about himself as Stan Lee.

But, there was time to goof off too. 

And spin webs....

The little kids all liked Ben's station since he was a superhero.  

It was a cool night.  I got video of it, but it was so loud in there, you couldn't hear what he said.  But, trust me, he did a great job!  :)


Linda said...

That's awesome! He's so great :)
And... you triggered a memory for me as Sarah's school did one of those living history stations too around that age. She was Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Our benjamin is so cool n creative!! What a cutie pie..Ben u look so awesome as spiderman..i like the picture of you spinning webs..great job..swettie!! �� i love you, Granny

Anonymous said...

Great job Ben. Hope you had fun . I'm sure you entertained lots of people . We loved the pics even though it would have better to see you in person.
The infamous G.