Thursday, March 23, 2017


We woke up to a cloudy overcast day in Long Beach, California, which is typical. It's always overcast in the morning. 

David and I were talking about what a major production a cruise ship is.  It runs pretty seamless for everything they have to do.  Passengers start getting on the ship almost as quickly as passengers are getting off.  They turn the ship around in a matter of about 6 hours and it's ready to go again for another week.  There was a steady stream of 18 wheelers unloading food at the port.

This is the Queen Mary which serves now as a hotel and museum. They say it's haunted.

This big dome building is where they check you in and out.

I woke up early and was sitting up in the dining area enjoying coffee and looking out the windows.  Then, I saw David walk up.  We were chatting about the birds in the water and drinking our coffee. Then, I looked around the dining area, which was unusually quiet. Nobody was talking and they all had their faces in a phone.  See our phone batteries are still dead and our chargers are in the van just beyond the dome building above. There was no more asking "where you from" or "what excursion did you do", etc. Everyone was consumed by email and facebook now that we all had cell service again.  Oh trust me, if I had a charged phone, I'd be doing the same thing, but it was just sad.  Sad that we enjoy looking at a screen more than we do looking at people.  Sad that we'd rather get a "like" from someone we haven't talked to in 25 years on Facebook, then talk to our spouse and see what they liked best about the cruise. It's just pathetic really.

Then, we walked to the area where we were waiting to get off the ship and every single person had a device in their face. Again, I would've been doing the same thing. But, when it's taken from you, you realize how awful it is, and that it is changing the human race, and not for the better.

Speaking of which, I called David the other day at work from my cell phone and his voice mail picked up. Normally, I'd just hang up and text him, but instead, I left him a message.  But, this is what I said, "Hi babe period wondering if you found your blue tooth at work question mark I remember carrying it in from the car on a book or maybe it was the Costco pizza box period haha exclamation point". Then, I remembered I was leaving a voice message, but I was doing talk to text and I laughed and laughed and laughed. 

And then we got in our van and the first thing we did was plug in our phones.  But, hey, we needed to know how to get to our next destination.  No, not home, the BEACH!

Yes, we had a 7 hour driving ahead of us, but when one of our favorite Cali beaches is 5 miles away, you go to the beach for a few hours.  Anything to squeeze a few more hours of sunshine out of this trip.

Ben likes to wander.

Noah likes to build sand castles.

And pretend to surf.

And Emily found some really cool seashells.

We were only there for a few hours, but it was enough to get us through the long drive home.

Now, where are we going next?

I say that jokingly, but I just put the last suitcase away yesterday and I have to take it back out tonight. We are headed to Tucson tomorrow for an overnight stay. It's 3 hours away.  Ben gets to fly a plane with his honors class at school through the Wright Flight program.  Don't worry, I'll post lots of pics on Facebook.  :)


Linda said...

I see that I have a bunch of reading to do! I promise I'll get to it all within the next week and comment then as I'm just getting back tonight from our little dream vacation which for me is my feet on the ground in Southern Illinois. :) Do any of you ever suffer from motion sickness on the cruises? I know that I would even with the seabands. I get it easily, sometimes it even hits me in the car, but so far that's not bad, but anything else - rides, motion movies, swaying on the water - any of that would bother me. So, I experience through your wonderful photos and stories instead. :)

I'll be reading and commenting soon.
Welcome home.
Love, Linda

Piper AndTheKids said...

That voicemail cracked me up LOL My talk to text has trouble understanding me (it called my kids rabid raccoons once. Hmmm...maybe it does know us.....) so I rarely use it :p

And the beach is the best place to be before a long drive! Whenever possible, I try to wear the kids out before we head out. They sleep and I don't have to stop every thirty minutes because no one can go to the bathroom at the same time :|

Anonymous said...

Beach time plus time to think over the things that are really important was a fine way to end your week away. Hard to let all that has made our life so my easier go. Or has it made our lives more complicated?? You know I'll be "dying" to hear about Ben's flight. Be safe Ben😇

Anonymous said...

Gina, thank you for sharing ur beautiful pictures n lovely memories of your super fantastic mexico..I smiled, n I laughed, n at times I cringed.n said "oh No the kids are not really doing that"!!!! But it looks like everyone had a very fun time..Ryan seems like he was always smiling.. :) I'm always Happy that you all make it home safely..thats the most important part of your love n hugs mama. :) xoxo