Sunday, March 19, 2017

Cruising to Mexico

Oh boy, was this trip a blast!  Food, friends, fun....what's not to love.

I'm going to have to break this down into a bunch of posts or you will get about 200 pics. First up, cruising itself.

We got on the cruise ship so easily.  It was maybe 45 minutes of processing and there we were, hitting the buffet.  By the way, we all did a weight in this morning.  It's not pretty.  Noah may be up 2 pounds, but he's seen 52 pounds before on the scale, so I don't take it as cruise weight gain.  Ben didn't gain anything.  He doesn't stop moving, so that helps.  Emily was at 4 pounds.  I'm at 6.5 and David is at 10.  Yeah, we ate salads for dinner tonight.

In any case, it was fun to indulge. Everyone hit the hot tub right away. My camera still had on that blue effect.  Good thing I noticed after this photo or the all of my pics would'v been this way.

The water was a bit cold, but that doesn't stop these kids.  It's just ocean water that they pipe in.

We hit the water slide as soon as we got moving.

There was a bit of a learning curve and because Noah was so light, he would get stopped.  But, by the third or fourth try, he was flying down.

Noah learned, swim shirts held you back, so off it went, and your belly was the better method.

The girls braved the pool. 

This was our balcony view.  We tried a "partially obstructed view". We knew it meant the lifeboat was out the window and that you wouldn't be able to see down, just out.  It saved a few hundred dollars, so we went with it.  We won't do that again.  It wasn't a bad view. I just prefer no boat in my view.  And if I'm paying $3500 for a cruise, I will spend the extra $200 and get the view I want.

Emily loved all the towel animals that they leave in your room every day.

Some of these are out of order as I switched cameras often.  Oh, but none are phone pics as I forgot my charger in the car in California.  And David's phone uses my charger too.  Oops.  Oh well, it was actually nice to disconnect and not even thing about my phone. We only had wifi a few times at ports and what not, but not much to do with a dead phone.  

Anyway, here we are at a seaday brunch.  It's so yummy.  

Here's a day at sea and us all lounging.  

One day, a guy did an ice carving on the lido deck. It was a Native American Indian.  I'm convinced this is the easiest and quickest one to do as I've seen it on three cruises so far. Not that it looked easy.

Here we are heading to dinner.  I'm convinced mine and Emily's hair just needs to stay in a braid the whole time.  Our hair in ocean humidity is just a frizz ball.  Next time, I will grow out my bangs some, so they can be easily pulled back.

This was our dining room.  We had the best wait staff.  The head waiter was named Taras and he rocked.  He even ran up to the Lido Deck to get Noah an ice cream since Noah didn't want anything else on the dessert menu.  That's going above and beyond.

And Justine here cut Noah's steak for him.

My favorite dessert, the Molten Chocolate Melting Cake.  I had one every night.  

Emily is learning some songs from Phantom of the Opera on piano, so it was cool that this was the picture outside our door.

It was fun to dress up a little for the formal nights. 

These girls are so silly.

The best part of formal night, according to my husband, would be the lobster and prime rib on the menu. 

We went to a show, but by far our favorite night time activity was the comedy acts.  Ben and the girls would sit in the front row.  Before the show, Haley J. (the MC) came out to announce the act and would bring a non alcoholic drink out since it was a PG show.  She'd give it to someone in the crowd.  She gave Ben one...twice!  He shared because he's nice like that.

Oh, and one time, Ben was the hit of the comedy show.  They did an improve with 3 kids, Ben's hand shot up to volunteer.  I wish I had it on video, but you know, some things are just great to experience and not watch through a lens.  This was one of those moments.  Ben got a bigger laugh from the crowd than the comedian.  It was hysterical.

The kids before Cabo.

The towel animals are so cute. Here's a dinosaur.

Oh and these boys.  Basically, every day, David and I would wake up and go upstairs for coffee and breakfast #1.  We usually had two breakfasts. Hence the 5-10 pounds.  Anyway, we'd bring these kids back a huge bowl of bacon, chocolate muffins, 3 boxes of Lucky Charms for Noah, coffee and juice.  No wonder they love cruising.  

That's the majority of my pics from on the cruise ship. Still up...Cabo Day 1, Cabo Day 2, Puerto Vallarta (my new favorite place) and more!


Anonymous said...

What a fun Vakay..first of I wish we all could of been there to see Ben be the Star of the comedy show..he's such a cute n funny little actor!! :) pic of Emily Ben n Noah with the phantom so awesome..Gina n David..Dakri n Ryan..dak n josh..great pics..alanah n ems pics so cute those 2 girls just smile n giggle..n have fun..thanks for your memories!! My love mom

Anonymous said...

Of course I'm making all my comments in reverse order but it seems over all to have been a wonderful vacation.What a wonderful experience the zip line seemed to be . Would I have tried it... NO WAY!!But so glad your kids don't take after their scaredy cat grandmother.
There were a lot of great pics on board the ship also as well as all the activities you got to participate in.Overall I'd say what a great way to spend spring break. And as always Mom, thank you for sharing with us.

Linda said...

Like G above, I'm not into adventure like the zip line and neither me nor Uncle Jim will ever be on a cruise, but I'm glad you all love it so much. :) Also, I think it's great that you got to go with your good friends - that makes everything better. I know I'm always happier on vacations when my favorite sister Barb and her family get to be with us.

Nice photos, as always!

Love, Linda