Monday, March 20, 2017

Cabo San Lucas, Day 1

Our first port was Cabo San Lucas. I've been to Cabo before, but don't remember it. When I woke up and looked outside, it looked like Phoenix (or Scottsdale) with an ocean.  

When rented a private boat and 2 guys to drive it for a great price.  We found the boat easily and there was this cute Sea Lion. They called all the sea lions Poncho, so that was his name.

I think he even waved to us.

The got us all drinks right away and we were off to check out Cabo.

A pic of me to prove I was there.

Dak and Ryan having a beer.

They would feed the fish some bread and man, they went crazy.

The rock formations in Cabo are amazing.

This is the famous arch.

These girls were enjoying the boat.  They had cool music playing. The weather was amazing. Truly it was just perfect.

And these sea lions were enjoying the sun too.  They smelled so bad.

This sea lion was the misfit all by himself.

The kids all looking cute and enjoying life.

This is where the rich and famous vacation.

The kids rode up in front like this the whole time.  We were looking for whales, but didn't see any.  That was fine as almost every morning off the cruise ship, we'd see dolphins and whales.  It was so cool. 

Then, somehow, Ryan and David spotted something in the water.

Was it a whale? Dolphin? Shark?

It was a sea turtle!

And Emily was in heaven!  One of our guides held it while all the kids got to pet it.

Then, he swam off. We have some super cool underwater shots of the turtle, but Dak has them still.  The guides took pics on a go pro and gave us the SD card. So, those shots will come later.  It was really just animals, but some good shots.

Bye, bye Mr. Sea Turtle!

Here's our boat.

Then, we went snorkeling.  We snorkeled last year in the Bahamas, but it wasn't deep open ocean.  It was just a few feet of water that we could stand in. This was a whole new experience.

All the kids took off with David.  They did so well.  It was a little scary, but they are such troopers.

Here's Dak and Josh.

After our 3 hour tour was over, we walked around a bit and looked in the stores.

The day of the dead stuff is really cool.

And it was Spring Break, so Miss Cheeky as I call them, were out in full force.

We got real Coke from Mexico. They use sugar, no high fructose corn syrup.  YUM!

We were all famished, so we got right on the ship and hit the buffet and ice cream station!

This cruise has an overnight in Cabo, so we were back at Cabo the next day for a beach day!


Anonymous said...

Cabo, what a beautiful place to take a vacation..pretty blue waters, sea lions n sea turtles u can pet. Buffet n ice creme parlor..yum..oh yes n miss cheekies all over the too funny :) what a great mama

Anonymous said...

Well you might have found Cabo looking a lot like home with the addition of a great looking beach, but I find in the pictures it looked great . I love that the kids got to see all kinds of sea life as well as a bit of jungle wildlife.
Great Vacation for sure.

Linda said...

Love the arch - so pretty but the miss cheekies, not so much Ha!! I can't imagine ever dressing like that even back in the day, though I did love my bikinis. Just was never comfortable enough to have my butt hanging out, lol.

At any rate, beautiful scenery and lots of fun for sure.
Love, Linda