Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Cabo, Day 2

This cruise did an overnight in Cabo, but instead of staying in Cabo, we had to sail back to the ocean.  Why?  Well, they can't open the casino unless they are in international waters. So, we left Cabo and then returned to Cabo the next day.  Whatever floats your boat.  

I got to see them take down one of the lifeboats off our balcony and test it out a bit.  It's nice to know they work.

Ryan is not a hugger.  He had a dental issue recently and when one of our dentist friends helped it get it resolved, Ryan hugged him. So, then we started hugging Ryan to not feel left out.  So, we got him this shirt for Cabo and set him out in Cabo with a bunch of Miss Cheeky's.  But, we were on the wrong side of the beach for him to get any action.  Oh well, maybe next time.

After some negotiating on a water taxi, we got a ride to Medando Beach.  And we planted ourselves here for the day.  It was lovely. Truly. A perfectly warm day.  The water wasn't cold.  It was wonderful.  

We rented an umbrella for $10, which was nice.

The only bad part is the people that walk up and down the beach and try to sell you things. Anything from jewelry to hats to fruit. One lady had shrimp. Um, it's 85 degrees out. I don't think it's up to health code. And I don't think she cared. Another lady had tacos!  They didn't leave you alone, which was annoying.  I just started not even looking at them, which is rude, but honestly it was every 60 seconds.  

The one thing we would've liked, a cold Coke or beer was no where to be found.  These people need a lesson in supply and demand.  Maybe it's illegal to sell that on the beach. But, I don't think that would stop anybody.

Emily liked the warm sand.

And if you want to now where the college kids are on Spring Break, here they are. It was crazy. We did not venture down there.

And handsome Ben...

And we just played in the water and relaxed.  It was fabulous.

I thought, oh here's a library at the beach.  Then, I saw "of Tequila".  Figures.

Emily wanted  a drink in a coconut, but that was no where to be found on the beach either.  But, on the way back to the ship, we came across a Fat Tuesdays that made the kids a strawberry and pina colada drink.  And even better, the got to sit in swings and be served!  How fun!

Well, it was fun until this creepy drunk guy in a yellow shirt showed up and started swinging Noah.  It's a bar swing dude, you can only go about 2 feet.  This guy was nuts, but funny, so whatever.

And that was our second day in Cabo!


Anonymous said...

Well it was kind of nice to have two beach days in water that was warm enough to actually go in if you chose. I think the kids are so lucky that they actually got to spend their break time in another country , not many kids can brag about that. BTW thanks for all the pics. Grampie is in heaven ..LOL!

Anonymous said...

Loved Ryan's free hugs t- shirt story..cute!! Swings at the bar, awesome.kiddos are all smiles...a day at the beach, your favorite...such beautiful blue water!! What a super day..love mom :)

Linda said...

Looks nice though I don't like all the people and especially the ones selling stuff. Also, it's funny but my college kid has only ever gone on spring break with us - her parents. Shows how different she is from everyone else, but she knows where the going is good and paid for, lol. Also, she doesn't like crowds of people like me.

Love, Linda