Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Around Our House

I know the email and/or texts are coming from the Grandparents wondering what's going on.  So, here it is.  Just a quick recap of the last few weeks.

Emily had a slumber party with her three best buds.  They were eating ice cream sundaes.  I know, exactly what 4 tween girls need is more sugar.  I think they stayed up until like 4 AM or something.  I don't even know.  I just give them a tray of snacks and I shut my door and go to bed.  Whatever.  I remember many nights staying up with my childhood best friend, Liz.  Gosh, we always had a blast.  Memories...

We've been to the pool a few times.  The weather is crazy, it's freezing, windy and snowy one day. The next day, it's a high of 60 and we are at the heated pool. 

The kids wanted to take out the Easter stuff.  It's way early since Easter is so late, but whatever.  If they have fun, let them have fun.

We've been taking the kids with us on walks every once in awhile.  Mom, here's the hat and gloves you gave us.  Noah loves the gloves because the don't have fingers.

It's been Spirit Week at school.  I hate spirit weeks. Dress up like this, wear that, find costumes, blah, it just means more work for me. Luckily, my kids don't really seem to care about dressing up much for this sort of thing. But, tomorrow is pajama day. And that day, they like.  I don't mind it either as it's easy for me. But, the pajamas Noah wanted to wear have a hole in the crotch.  Seriously, the kids has 27 pairs of pajamas, but he wants to wear this pair.  So, I had to sew the hole.  The boys were fascinated with the sewing machine, so I let them try it.

I don't think either inherited their great Nana's sewing abilities, but hey, neither did I.  I think it's skipped three generations so far.  HA!

See, not much has been going on.  We leave for our cruise in 9 days, so I've been trying to prepare and pack for that.  We are super excited!


Linda said...

Looks like fun, happy times. :)

I always feel like when I read your update, I need to write you an update too, ha. ;) I'll send you an email.

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Wow, ice creme sundaes, snacks, memories with her friends n bed at 4 am..i know em n her friends had a lot of laughs..�� yep 15 days waiting for your post..but i lived with you and i know how very busy you are everyday!! Ben looks cold in the pool.. :) im so glad u all liked the hats n gloves..noahs right, fingerless cool!! Now i will see if i can get thru this ROBOT.. LOL

Anonymous said...

Lol,at Sharon's comment. I saw this yesterdasy and had very similar thoughts a and comments but robot did not let me through,so am trying once again. I too was feeling a little Andy as I didn't even have a very long conversation with D on the weekend. Glad to know and see all is well on your side of the country and I know this next week will be very busy.Not too sure if you will be able to post on this vacation or not. But I really hope it will be lots of fun and enjoyable for all of you.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for all the misspelled words above .. you know the fat fingers on the "fire" syndrome.and then of course the "wrong correction" also doesn't help....