Monday, February 13, 2017

Our Weekend

We had a super fun and productive weekend.  On Friday night, we headed to downtown Prescott for our friend, Aaron, surprise 40th birthday party.  It was such fun.  I haven't been to a surprise party in ages.  Well, I surprised my Aunt Linda a few years ago, but that party wasn't a surprise.  In any case, it's super fun to surprise people.

On Saturday, David and I cleaned out the garage.  It was a mess from the hot water heater and sheet rock every where. We filled up the garbage can with junk we don't need and I found this beauty on one of the shelves.  I told the kids this is how we held it in the 80's and we'd walk around and listen to music.  Now they have a tiny ipod smaller than half a dollar bill.  

Then, on Sunday, David took Noah and Ben and Ben's friend Andrew to see Lego Batman and out to Dairy Queen for lunch.  I don't know if David got any pics. He didn't send me anything.  But, it was for Ben's birthday on Wednesday, so I'm glad they all got out and had some time doing something fun.

While the boys were out, I took my girl to some stores and then I had to run to the grocery store which has a Starbucks.  So, of course, she wanted a caramel frap.  So, I turn my back to get some bacon, and turn back and she's in the cart like a 5 year old.  That girl.  

We also got some yummy puffy Cheetos that are shaped like paws.

And she only found 2 shirts she liked, but we found tons of toys for the cat.

He's so spoiled. 

Ben turns 11 on Wednesday.  I can hardly believe it.  I seem to remember his birth the most vividly.  I think because with Emily's I was just in shock.  Like holy cow, this is happening.  I'm going to be a mother. Ben's was so fast and natural, and I was like, yeah, I got this. And Noah's, well, I was dying and so drugged up, I don't remember much. 

In any case, we'll probably skip over Valentine's.  I'm just not a fan really, and I'll be back with a post about Ben.  Now, Ben...I'm a huge fan!


Piper AndTheKids said...

Happy Birthday, Ben! Sterling turned eleven over the summer and I'm still trying to figure out where eleven years went :P

Anonymous said...

I don't get this, I am only receiving your blogs like a day or two later after you post them.I had checked earlier today and it was still the same one and then I just happened to click on it to look at something a few minutes ago and here we have a new one that was posted yesterday... Oh well I am not complaining just puzzled.
Glad everyone had a decent weekend even though it did involve lots of cleaning and hard work on your part. But.... , I know you thrive on that stuff :).
Anxiously looking forward to seeing Ben's birthday pics. I know it is so hard to believe that LITTLE SUPER HERO IS GOING TO BE 11 YEARS OLD. I hope he has a wonderful day just as special for him as he is for everyone every day.
Lots of love from
G & G

Anonymous said...

Hi, i love emily in the grocery cart with her starbucks.. Too funny!! Love granny Rio is such a curious kitty cat loves to play !!