Friday, February 10, 2017

Around Our House

Aaaccckkk! I've been missing for 2 weeks. My Mom reminded me of that today.  The natives get restless when I haven't blogged in awhile.

But, we've been super busy.

But, here's a pic of Rio looking crazy and cute.  Let me tell you, we all just love him to pieces.  Emily is his favorite person though.  He literally runs to the door to see her when she gets home from school.

And if you want to make my kiddos happy, cinnamon rolls straight out of the oven are their favorite.  Nothing fancy, just store brand basic cinnamon rolls.  They have simple taste.

And this guy lost his second tooth!  He was so exciting.  The tooth fairy folded his dollar in a paper airplane, which he thought was super cool.  

Then, I went to our garage and noticed a puddle of water by the door.  Ugh, the water heater was leaking everywhere.  We've been in this house 10 years in June, and that's about their life expectancy.  So it died, but left a wake of destruction.  The shelf it was on is all dry wall and when it gets wet, it's just like chalk everywhere. It was a mess.  

I found a water heater at Home Depot for $600.  But they wanted $800 to install it.  What? Are they crazy?  I called a local plumber, whose total for the heater and install was $1250.  Another plumber wanted $850 just to install. I called a few more places and everyone was the same.  Are these people nuts?  I'm watching guys on youtube talk their was through a demo of changing one out and it takes 24 minutes.  So, what in the world, they make $800 an hour?  I got in the wrong line of work!

So, when I relayed all this to my Dad in Phoenix, he finished up his golf game and said he'd be up by 1:00.  David was able to leave work and finish his day at home, so he could assist and learn.  And these two guys got to work. It took them an hour.  I was so grateful.  I had already heated water on the stove to do dishes that morning.  Playing Little House on the Prairie is no fun!  I was glad we were up and running in 24 hours.  Whew.  Thanks, Dad!  And my awesome hubby!

Then, that night after all the craziness, I figured we needed to relax at the pool.  The weather has been in the low 70's here as a high, so it's gorgeous out right now.  So, off we went.  The pool is heated.

Then, Aunt Pam sent the kids some nice Valentine treats!  She's so sweet.  Of course, Rio is into everything and anything. He's not supposed to get on the counters. He doesn't listen well.

And I saw my Mommy today!  She had a Doctor appointment up here, so she stopped by for an hour.  I should've got our picture, but it was so rushed, I forgot.  Next time, I'll make us some cute dogs on Snapchat.  But, it was so nice getting a visit from my Dad and my Mom this week.  
And that's a summary of our 2 weeks!

Tonight, we are going to a surprise birthday party for a friend.  Then, tomorrow, we get to take everything out of the garage and hose it down to clean up from the mess the dry wall made.  That should be fun!


Linda said...

Wow, you have been busy!! :) I expected nothing less, lol.
Here - not so busy, in fact actual boredom for me many times, so yes, I was getting restless awaiting your update. :)

Glad to know everything worked out well with the water heater and that's awesome that your Dad and David did it and saved so much money in doing so.

Rio is adorable and that's so cute that he runs to Emily when she comes home. My Lucy is like that - she doesn't run out for anyone else really and as vocal as she is, it can be a pain but she loves me and I love her, so there...

70s sounds wonderful. We're supposed to be in the 60s again today here and so as you can imagine, all of our 5 inches of snow from just 2 days ago, is all gone now and I'm happy that the roads/walkways are back to normal and that I can see the green grass and the perennial plants beginning to green up/sprout up in the gardens, showing me that no matter what weather comes our way for the remainder of February and March (and snowstorms often happen here during these months), it will all be short-lived because the long-awaited Spring is truly on the horizon now.

Hope you enjoy a wonderful weekend.
Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

I had a nice short visit with u was fun..n happy to see u..��what an affectionate kitty rio is
I know how dearly ur family loves him n rocko..i was so happy to see rockos foot was healed..yep ur dad n david work well together..good job guys..u looked so pretty Gina..urr kids n cinnimon rolls are big u all mom��

Piper AndTheKids said...

My Dad went through Lowes when he needed a water heater--install was about 200. Home Depot's prices seem to be crazy high for installs! We are looking at doing Pergo in our living room--Home Depot told us 4-5 a square foot for install (more than the flooring). Lowes is 89 cents a square foot :p.

Anonymous said...

Wow1 I can't believe there has finally been an update you know there are at least three of us (Sharon, Linda and me)who check all the time and the part that I find really hard to believe is that I checked yesterday and earlier today and it was still showing your last re-run and now finally at 6 pm on Sunday night I find a new post that was actually posted on Friday... Not quite sure what's going on .. Anyway Grampie will be happy to see the new pics. he has been telling me to call almost everyday and tell you to send new pics. So I have been keeping hima little quiet with the water heater ones from earlier this week and then Dak's pics this weekend. Imagine his surprise when he actually gets to see Know it all , Benjino and Sweet princess Emilili. :)
I was hoping there would be some from this upcoming Wed. now he ( and me too ) will have a double thrill this week.
Hope all continues to go well now that water heater had it's day and I know soon you'll be preparing for your cruise later this month...