Wednesday, February 15, 2017


I can hardly believe this kid is 11.  Ben is such a great kid.  I say that, but he really is just a good person.  The core of him is kind and loving, and I have so much to learn from him.  He takes some time to get to know, but once you do, you'll realize that people like him are few and far between.  He's just goodness.

Ben is usually up before 7.  But, this morning he was sleeping in.  I normally take the boys to school and David takes Emily, but we were flip flopping this morning as I had a bunch of errands to run.  I had to leave at 7:20 with Emily and Ben was still sleeping.  I should've just woke him up, but Emily and I left.  We weren't 2 minutes away and my phone rings, he was up.  So, we flipped around and came back to give him hugs and tell him happy birthday.

Letting him sleep in was a bad parenting call on my part.  See, that's what I want on my birthday.  Don't you dare wake me up earlier or Momzilla comes out.  But, Ben, he wants snuggles and love on his birthday, and I failed to deliver.  See, I have lots to learn from Ben.

I got cookies and dropped them off at his school for his class.  Then, I wanted to make the rest of his birthday a little special and different.  So, I picked him up from the bus because walking home on your birthday is not as cool as having a Mom chauffeur.  And I had this fun note waiting for him.  It said: 
It's your birthday! Let's have some fun.

First, test your ninja skills trying to get in your bedroom.

Let's go on a scavenger hunt for your presents.

Present number 1 should be a little fun, you'll find it with a gallon, but a gallon of what?

As for present number 2, check where Mr. Moo goes poo poo.

Present number 3 shouldn't be too hard to see, look for it up in a tree.

It may be a little tough to find present #4, look high behind a closed door.

Rocko's bark sounds like a dog who guards, look where he lays to find your cards.

He was totally excited.  And had a great time.  I thought he would try to go through the streamers without breaking them, instead he ran through football style

Then, he went on the scavenger hunt for his gifts.

He found present two behind the cats litter box.  We have one in the garage and one in the house.  All the pics are blurry, but the kid wouldn't stop moving.  But, that's Ben....always in motion.

And here are the cards under Rocko's bed. I was surprised a few of the clues took a minute to figure out. Well, like Ben said, the dog lays everywhere.  So, he checked his dog house, his outside bed and then went to Rocko's bed in our room.  I'm glad it was a little challenge.

We had pasta for dinner and then he opened gifts.  He started with his cards.  Thank you everyone who sent them. I think he felt special. 

Then, it was time to tear into the presents.  He picked out everything Lego and with his gift cards, he wants to buy Legos.  Noah is looking so happy because it's like a birthday for him too.

Then, we went to the pool and came home for cheesecake!  Ben had eaten half before we got candles in it!  He loves David's homemade cheesecake!

I think he had a special day.  We all love him to pieces and just want him to feel the love that he always gives to everyone else.  


Anonymous said...

What a fun birthday! Happy birthday, sweet Benjamin! I love ya, bud! Xo
Auntie Pam

Linda said...

You're such a great Mom of such a great kid!! :) Looks like such a fun day for him (and you). ♥
And just think 11 - he is now 1/2 of nearly Sarah's age, only 11 more years to 22. Time flies.


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy Ben had a SUPER Day. He really is such a sweet kid. I hope the innocence and love he has and gives never goes away and that he will always be so very special in so many ways.
Thanks for sharing his day and happiness with all of us.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Ben u searched all over the house n yard for ur fun is that..super fun...i know u had a happy birthday..ur mom n dad always make theie kids birthdays special..dads cheesecake yum.. :). Ben u totally deserve all the happiness u receive..u r special in all our hearts.. ❤ my love granny :)