Monday, January 23, 2017

Our Weekend

Noah had his first ever play date at a friends house.  This is Collin and Noah was SO excited.  He was so nervous on the way there which is kind of strange for Noah. He's my social butterfly.  But, he does get nervous in new situations until he's comfortable with everything.  It took him about 30 seconds to get comfortable.  They have this cool loft and basement and Noah had a blast.

Here he was after the playdate.  We couldn't get the smile off his face.

We woke up Saturday to some snow which is always nice and welcome.  It's never very much.  The kids went out and played.

Note the view of our street.  This was about 10 am.

Then, David went out to play with them by about 10:30.  Notice it's getting a little sunnier.

And by 1:00, this was the view of our street.  What?  Where did all the snow go? That's how it rolls here in Arizona.  And it's why we love snow.  Nothing to shovel and no hassle.  Just beautiful and then gone!

Emily went sledding with her friends and tried her hand at snowboarding. We really need to take the kids skiing sometime.

And that was our weekend.  But, it was my Mom's 69th birthday on Saturday.  My Mom is such a sweet and special lady with the biggest heart.  You can't meet my Mom and not feel welcomed by her and love her.  We all love you Mami!


Linda said...

Looks like a nice, fun weekend! Though it's still so funny to me that you guys there had snow on Saturday and on Saturday here, it was so warm, we didn't even need coats - upper 60s. It was seriously like spring so I think perhaps our States are mixed up with the weather, lol.

Not as warm now, but we're still enjoying a remarkably great January weather-wise at least which means, no snow, no more ice, and good, clear roads for running, walking and driving, which is just how I like it. The only thing we don't get a lot of here in the winter is.... sun. Literally, we've had 1 sunny day and that was Saturday when we were up in the Chicago suburbs moving my sister. That was the only sunny day we've had in a month which gets very discouraging (too much grey).

Glad Noah had fun and happy birthday to your sweet Mom.
Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Oh!!! Looked like a fun weekend for all. If Sharon reads this I want to wish her a belated ♪Happy Birthday♫. You are right she is the sweetest and has the biggest and most tender heart of anyone I know.Sharon, I hope the upcoming year is one of your best . After that it is all downhill. LOL! I say that every time you change a decade.So Gina,you have a few more years before I'll be able to say that to you.
So glad for Noah having a play date. He truly did look so excited. It is amazing how quickly the snow melted. I guess it was a good thing they got out early.
Wishing you all a great week.

Anonymous said...

Well thanks you 3 beautiful ladies , Gina, Linda n Gwynne for the happy birthday wishes n kind sweet comments..�� I did have a fun birthday.. Gee our Lil Noah sure put on his happy face on his sleep over with Colin..I'm glad he went , n he's so excited..�� gotta love the sparking snow, so pretty..looks like David had fun with Ben n Noah..n Emily can do any sport..�� well Gina I just try to be myself , sweet n respectful..thanks for the nice words..❤ love n hugs mami

Piper AndTheKids said...

I want your version of snow :p We get it here and it just stays. And stays and stays and stays. We had a couple of warm days and just enough melted to turn my driveway into solid sheets of ice and that is just so much fun to drive on ;) Still snow everywhere, too LOL