Wednesday, January 25, 2017


Tonight Emily was inducted into the NJHS!

She's there on the bottom right during the swearing in ceremony.

And here she is on stage.

So proud!

After, they had cake and cookies for everyone.
Then, we went to Sonic for ice cream!  

We are so proud of her.

Ben took this picture. and cut off David's head.  It's my fault because I set it up on for him and thought it would be fine.

And her I am taking partial credit for Emily's achievements.  I ride my kids pretty hard and don't let them get away with much.  So, I felt like I became a member of NSHS too.  That would be National Senior Honor Society!  :) 


Anonymous said...

Emily, I am so proud of you!!!❤ you are our super fantastic smart girl!!! You look so pretty in your red dress..congratulations sweetheart..god love n hugs..ur granny xoxo p.s.Gina u r too funny..��

Linda said...

That's so awesome - way to go, Emily!! CONGRATULATIONS!!
We never had any of these honor society experiences in our family because we were always just one step below that, lol. And you crack me up in the last photo :)

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you all... Emily carries the certificate but you all deserve the reward. Good job Mom and Dad.
We were just wondering how many kids were included in the ceremony,from the pics it seems like they were mostly boys. But Emily certainly stood out in her brightly colored dress. By the way, Emily, we love you and are so proud of your hard work and so glad to be able to see these pics.