Saturday, January 7, 2017

Around Our House ~ 2 Week Roundup

It's been a crazy two weeks after Christmas.  So busy, that I haven't had much time to blog.  But, it's been fun and we got to visit with family and friends.

A few days after Christmas, David's sister Alisa came with her husband and 2 kids.  It made for 10 of us in the house, which is crazy and fun.

Here are all the couins.

And Grammie and her grandchildren.

Our friend Eunice and adorable little Kate came for dinner from Vegas.

Noah and Kate drawing...

The kids teaching Kate the art of Otter Pops.

The boys watched Jaws.

The girls opted for something less scary in my room.

Here I am chillin' with the kids on the bean bag.

Then, our company left and our friends hosted a Bachelor viewing party. It was cool.

I took the kids to the dentist.  No cavities...yea!

Then, Aunt Pam came up to visit. She spoils the kids with so many gifts.


And pajamas...

And she always bakes us snickerdoodle cookies, which are Ben and Noah's favorite.  And we hate 24 cookies in the span of about 3 hours.

She bought Emily this game, which is hysterical.

The next day, we did a little shopping and then it was time for her to head back home.

But, not before we found a pretty filter on Snapchat.

The last few days have been relaxing.  The boys wanted to have a sleep over with each other.  They sleep together every night, so as to why this is exciting I'm not sure.  But, I put up a tent in Ben's room, I let them stay up as late as they want and I bring them a tray of snacks and they can eat whatever.  No wonder they love it!  So, tonight will be night 3 of slumber parties.  Emily has joined in too.  Whatever.  They have 1 night left of vacation.

Then, on our walk today, we passed this house and this couple in their 60's were in their front yard. The husband was holding the ladder and the wife was on it taking down Christmas lights.  He probably had some health reason as to why he wasn't able to climb the ladder.  Well, we passed them and I told David we should go back and ask if they needed help.  They had high eaves and I had no clue how the lady was planning on getting the lights down.  So, we turned around and David ended up spending 20 minutes on their roof taking down their Christmas lights.  This was the short part of the roof.  It was so high at the tip.  Thank God David helped them.

Anyway, they were very appreciative. They said their son hung them up at Thanksgiving and he lives in Phoenix and they had no one to take them down. So, we did a good deed.  I know, it was actually all David, but I'll take some credit for making the suggestion.  

Now, the break is over and the kids go back to school.  We can't believe they are already half done with the school year.  And the next big thing we have to look forward to is this:

Cruising to Mexico for Spring Break in 63 days!


Anonymous said...

Great to read about all the adventures of the past two Weeks. I sort of wished you had cropped a few of those pics from week 1. They would have been so much better without a certain "senior citizen". Oh well ... Glad you thought of helping your neighbours get their lights down. Knowing how much David likes the lights and all, he ease probably dying to get up yhrtr and help out!. 😇

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the mis spellings I couldn't see to correct. One line was covering the next.

Linda said...

So happy for your update. :) You and Pam look so pretty in the photo without the filter (well, the filter one is nice too), and you seriously look like you're both in high school. So cute and happy to be together. Love it.

It's nice that you had all these fun experiences with family and friends. Wonderful photos.

That was also so nice of you and David to help that couple with their lights, though I refrain from calling them elderly since Jim is now 60 - a'hem - and we are anything but elderly in our activities, LOL. Though of course, remember - I am a whole 8 years younger than him (which I remind him all the time, ha ha). Believe it or not, my Dad was still up on the roof putting up Christmas lights well into his late 70s and by his 80s he was having Jim help. That's changed so much though now of course.

Here on our front, all is quiet and kind of boring right now. Even though I'm still out and about everyday, I'm so so sick of the freezing cold of winter. It sucks really. I'm good without maybe one light little snowfall and one cold snap and then I'm done and ready for warmth. A warm vacation sounds wonderful right now and how great that you get to anticipate that. We haven't planned anything for spring break, though I suppose I should get planning though I'm not sure if we will do anything.

Love, Linda