Thursday, December 22, 2016

Spreading Christmas Cheer

Emily's new piano and violin teacher scheduled the kids to do a little musical concert at a Senior home in Prescott. This one was called Granite Gate and was like the Taj Mahal of rest homes.  Dakri and I were talking in the parking lot about how we will have to move there one day and then I see this mat out front greeting us with my initials on it!  It's fate!  

Here's Emily and Alanah before the performance.

And Emily doing a couple of songs on the baby grand piano under the crystal chandelier.  This is where I want to be sent when I'm old.

Then, the girls played a few songs on the violin, which all the seniors seemed to really enjoy.  There's just something about the violin that impresses.  

Then, the passed out a few cookies and cards. I'm glad we were able to still have this experience.


Anonymous said...

Lucky seniors that got to enjoy another musical adventure with Ms Kim's little group.
I'm sure you made their day, Emily.

Anonymous said...

Um, excuse me, I thought you and I were going to grow old together....��! What a great way to spread the Christmas cheer!������

Linda said...

This is such a wonderful, time-worthy activity. :)
Love, Linda