Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Marry Me

I walked in to Noah's room this morning before school and he was in there raiding his piggy bank.  He had about $70 that he pried out of that little hole in the pig's belly.  I asked him what he was doing.  He said getting money to buy gifts for everyone at Santa's Workshop at school.

Ugh, Santa's workshop.  It's not my bag.  One time Emily came home and was missing her $5 in change.  Never found it.  Another time, Ben's gift to David was broke when I opened the box to see what he got him. You spend a bunch of money for overpriced dollar store items.  I know, I know, it supports the school.  I'm a scrooge.  I'd rather just give money to the school instead of them selling me overpriced cookie dough that's so gross, we throw it in the garbage.  

In years past, I've taken the kids to the dollar store and they've picked things for everyone secretly.  It's not about what you are getting, but about giving to someone, and they all enjoy doing it.  This year though with our first day of break being Christmas Eve, I just didn't think we'd find time to make it there.

So, I told Noah he could take $5.  He told me he needed more.  I gave him another $5 and told him try to buy $2 gifts for everyone, Emily, Ben, me, David and Grammie.  David's Mom is coming on Saturday for the holidays.  I figured that was good.

He came running in the door today from school.  I was in front of the TV, eating a cutie orange, watching TV. The next thing I knew, he was down on one knee next to me with a ring in a box and he asked me to marry him.  Oh my gosh, I just about died. He ran all the way home from the bus just to propose to me.  Of course I got all teary and told him YES!  

I mean could you say no to this guy or this huge ruby?  :)

He seriously has the biggest heart.  He is so thoughtful and always thinks of others.  Well, he really only thought about me as he spent $9 on the ring and had $1 left over for a snowman eraser.  He does that....brings me flowers or I find them in the washer and know they were in his jeans but he forgot to give them to me.  He is the sweetest!  He wrapped the gift and put it under the tree for me to open on Christmas morning.  As for David, Grammie, Emily and got nothing!  


Linda said...

That is so sweet! :)

Wow, I can't believe the first day of break isn't until Christmas Eve which is a Saturday! Things pretty much close up here this week. College is done as of Friday, but Sarah's finals are already all done and she's happy as can be. She only has like 3 classes next semester and she's done for good for now at least. As for me - I work tomorrow and Friday until 2:00 and then Monday and that's it. Off from the close of December 19 to January 5. Jim doesn't quite have it like that and that's a whole different story.... lol.

Anyway, sweet story and hope you all have a wonderful Christmas holiday time.
Love you!!

Anonymous said...

That is the best story! Noah is just so sweet. That ring will be a treasure forever!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness..what a big heart Noah has..all 3 of ur kids r sweet loving giving respectful n care about other people..I wanted yo cry�� too seeing Noah give u the ruby ring..merry Christmas to all. My love mommy ��

Anonymous said...

Loved it when I saw those pics on Facebook . But loved hearing the whole story.Noah has turned into a fine young mam and we can tell he definitely loves his Mom. Can hardly wait to see you all on Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Of course you know that is fine young man.Sorry fingers are too fat on this tiny keyboard☺