Friday, December 2, 2016

It is a Tumor

Ugh poor, Rocko.  He's had this abscess on his back paw for about a month.  We did some research and thought it might be an inter-digital cyst that he got from walking in the fields we have around here that have goatheads in them.  We tried a few home remedies and it didn't get better.  David took him to the vet today and at first they thought it was a mass with fluid around it caused by a foreign object, most likely a thorn of some sort for the tall grasses he likes to poop in on our walks.  The vet said it would need surgery, and luckily, they could get it done the same day.

Well, it turns out it wasn't a mass from a foreign object, but it is a tumor.  Cancer related?  We don't know.  They removed it and it is what it is for now.  It was over $500 for today's procedure and it would be another $200 to find out if it was cancer.  And if it was, then what?  Nothing.  So, we aren't finding out.  If he gets another tumor, we'll deal with that when it happens.  

For now, he looks sad and is still out of it.  But normally, he's full of life and loves his 2.5 mile walks daily.  So, we are just going to get him through this and love on him for as long as he has.

In the meantime, he's sporting a super cute piggy bandage!

He's not very impressed.  :)


Linda said...

Oh, I'm so sorry!! :( As you can probably imagine, we can relate from what we went through with our sweet Butters earlier this summer. It was horrible. It was expensive. We wish we would have gone through our regular vet from the beginning because thankfully they are NOT expensive, but it is what it is. Like you, we hope that Butters issues don't come back, but as he's almost 10 years old and for us, that's about all our cats last (Winston was 12), we do what we can and hope for the best. We still have to buy the expensive vet-only food each month for Butters (and Lucy since we weren't going to go through having to keep them separated from the food).

I hope that Rocko has many wonderful years yet with you all. You just never know. Guess that's really true though for any of us. <3

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Poor Rocko. Hope he's up for his walks again soon. I'll keep sending positive thoughts your way! Love you, friend! Xoxo

Anonymous said...

Oh I am so sad to read about this. Poor Rocko. I hope he'll be doing better when I see him in two weeks. He is such a sweet dog and friend.