Saturday, December 24, 2016

First Sleepover with Ellie

Emily met Ellie in Kindergarten in 2009.  It was her first friend she made without any involvement from me. Ellie's family moved to Mesa after Kindergarten.

Here they are back in 2009.
The girls kept in touch through technology, Skype, Instagram, Snapchat.  They've been wanting a sleepover for years, but it's hard when they live 2 hours away.  Every time her family was coming up here to Prescott last summer, we were gone camping or Canada.  It just never worked out.  But then, they came up Thursday for the night.  A didn't think it would work out at first since Emily still had school on Friday.  But, all of Emily's grades were in by Thursday and Friday was a half day, so they go to each class for like 22 minutes.  I figured, she could miss it.

So, these two sweet 12 year old friends who met when Emily was 4, got to have their first sleepover.  

I'm so glad they've been able to maintain this friendship over the years.


Anonymous said...

It was nice to see Ellie again. She and Emily had a great evening together and it made me glad to see Emily so happy. I've been here several times when she visited so it was nice for me to see her again too.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh..Emily n Ellie , they look so sweet n happy..n I know they must have had a blast .. :) :)

Linda said...

That's so awesome!! :) They're so sweet, look exactly the same as they did then, only older.
Sarah is still acquainted with a few friends from long ago, but they're not friends that keep in touch any longer and definitely never see each other. Linda B. comes closest to that in my own life as we first became friends when she was 4 and I was 7.

Love, Linda