Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve Eve

We always do something with my side of the family on Christmas Eve.  But, David's sister and her family have come the last few years on Christmas Eve, so we started doing our celebration on Christmas Adam.  We headed down to Phoenix yesterday to celebrate.  

Here's Auna and Tiffany.

Even sweet little Katie Sue had a Christmas sweater on.

Here's my Mom with Mike and Rory.  They are my Aunt Billie's (Mom's sister) boys.

Me and my brother.

Katie got a gift card to the movies since she likes to go to the movies.

The kids were so excited to open gifts.  We are trying to do a slower Christmas morning where we take turns opening gifts, so it's not a 15 minute frenzy and then over.  But, if last night was preview, we are doomed.

Suzy's daughter Nikki made this beautiful frame with my sister's picture in the middle and then roses from her memorial service around it.  It was such a thoughtful gift.

Here's me and my Momma.

And my beautiful Mom and Emily.

Here's Suzy's daughter Nikki and her daughter Amanda.

And my Dad and Suzy.

Noah got some new pajamas.  He's a ninja turtle, but kind of looks like Gumby!

It was a great visit and I'm so thankful my Dad and Suzy host this every year for us.  Unfortunately, Gwynne wasn't feeling great, so she stayed home.  I feel bad that she feels bad, but hopefully, she'll bounce back quickly.


Anonymous said...

So sad to have missed this great annual event. Your Dad and Suzy are such great hosts and I always look forward to seeing them each year. However this year this old body managed to catch my annual cold and I just couldn't do it.But the pictures certainly show a great time was had by all.

Anonymous said...

I was shocked to see 5 posts on ur blog..we did have a blast at ur dad n Suzy's..yummy dinner and great company. Fun time..
We all missed you Gwynne!!! :) the pics are really good ..great job Gina..merry Christmas to all n gods you all, mama

Linda said...

Love seeing all of your lovely family photos. Sorry that G. wasn't feeling well. :( Everything looks wonderful. I've never heard of Christmas Adam. ?? Our family Christmas is normally the weekend before Christmas because with my sisters all living in the Chicago area, they have to split up their Christmas Eve and Day between their in-laws. I've never had the opportunity to have that experience since I sadly have no parent-in-laws and there have been many Christmases that I've missed the old days of having my sisters all here together with our parents. The last time we did anything directly ON Christmas Eve or Christmas with them is when they didn't have children yet and when I was the only one with Sarah, and we would travel in.

Enjoying your updates. :)
Love, Linda