Thursday, December 22, 2016

Ben's Christmas Concert

Ben's music concert for school is the night after Noah's.  They break up the 7 grades into two nights and it's still chaos there.  This is Ben and his best bud Andrew.  Ben about killed me because the flash kept going off and I took like 10 photos.  I'm embarrassing. I don't care.

Then, they all filed in and Ben gets smack dab behind the tallest girl in the front row.  It never fails.  So, I spent the first part of their song, jumping seats all over the auditorium trying to see him.  It was probably comical.  I'm embarrassing.  I don't care.  :)

And we were rushing out the door again, so Ben's picture came after we got home.

Here's Ben's songs:

Now, we just have to get through one more day of school and we are off! I've been super prepared this year and had every gift under the tree and wrapped weeks ago. I like feeling being prepared, and now I can sit back and enjoy Christmas. And even better, our forecast is for a white Christmas, which we've never had!


Anonymous said...

Good Job, Ben. What a wonderful concert. So proud of you and so glad I was able to be there in person.


Linda said...

They should have placed him slightly off so that the tall girl wasn't directly in front of him, but yea, I can remember that happening, though usually in Sarah's case - she's a shorty and always in the front, lol. Cute photos and another nice event.

How funny to me to think of you guys enjoying a white Christmas, whereas here in central Illinois, they're predicting temps way warmer than usual and NO white Christmas. It's supposed to be upper 50s on Christmas day. We've only really had 2 little snows this Christmas and neither one did we have to shovel because they were just a dusting. It was the ice that got bad and unfortunately it looks like this could be one of those "icy" seasons here. This area is more known for ice storms instead of snow. We're worlds away from Chicago weather wise.
Anyway, enjoy Christmas and the days that follow.

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Bravo bravo Ben n Andrew ..good singing..Ben was smiling�� a lot :)
Saw more views of Ben in 2nd n 3rd videos..good job Gina hopping around like the energizer I love u cutie pie. Ur granny