Monday, November 21, 2016

Toy Store

It seems every few years, I have to do a complete overhaul of the boys rooms.  They just get awful. We are having house gets for the holidays and there is no way that I could let them sleep in the pit that had become their bedrooms.

People have been asking what the kids want for Christmas and they are really struggling to come up with stuff.  And now I know why....they already own the whole freakin' toy store!!!

This was mid way through Noah's room.

And here is just one corner in Ben's room.  Emily was such a help and organized and dusted so much stuff.  The boys were at the movies, so it was a good time to go through stuff.

However, I don't want to throw out or get rid of anything the boys want or need.  But, I did move pretty much every single toy to the hallway and they  had to pick what they wanted to move back in.

This was both of their dress up bins.  So many costumes.  And I love that they play with all of this stuff.  But, it's too much stuff.  They can't find anything they want and half the stuff is outgrown.

So, the boys came home and were shocked at the organized mess.  They started going through stuff and then I started getting all sappy over some of it.  I mean just look at this Spiderman costume.  It's so shredded, but Ben still loved it.  I couldn't toss it.  So, I saved this costume and a few others that were his favorites. When I picture Ben as a little boy, he is in one of these costumes.  Then, I got teary eyed and then Ben got teary eyed.  So, I put his favorites in a box, and we moved on.  At first Ben was not happy with doing this, but in the end, he was loving that he could find what he wanted and even found toys that he thought had been lost.

Here's Noah's room all finished.

And Ben's.  He likes to display all his Legos.

In the end, this is everything that needs to be donated or sold.  Not to mention, we took out 6 bags of trash, not little grocery bags either, big bags.  

It only took about 10 hours!  And I still have about 5 more to go to sort through everything.  I group it by characters and see if I can put something together on Craiglist.  It's a lot of work, but makes way more money than a yard sale.  

Between the sofa moving and cleaning and the boys' rooms, I think I  need a vacation!  Luckily, the kids get Wednesday thru Sunday off, so it'll be some nice down time.

Of course, we have to decorate for Christmas and Pam is coming up for a visit, but that's just fun stuff!


Anonymous said...

They say there is no rest for the wicked and you are not even wicked ... Where did they come up with that expression?? Anyway the pictures of the massive cleanup make me feel so lazy and I am... but at least you know I am not wicked! :)
Some kids somewhere will be very happy to get their cast offs . You and Emily did a great job. So nice to have an assistant as competent as Your #1 child.I can see why you and Ben would be sentimental over the Spiderman outfit. If I think of Ben as a younger kid that is the outfit he is wearing and did for years on end. David said he may do a repair job on it... Who knows maybe Ben will figure out how to stuff it and make it into a monument to his younger years!
Anyway good job.
Try to relax a bit.. oh yes no time for that.... this is Thanksgiving week and all the fun and frolics it will bring. Enjoy!

Linda said...

Loved reading this and I could relate on a small level - with one kid, of course there wasn't as much but don't be fooled... you know Sarah.... there was TONS (still is - she's taken over the "guest room/office" with all of her clothes that she buys at thrift stores and resells on her phone apps). I used to do the very same thing though that you did although I ended up doing it many times a year because her room would get so out of control. Now... I just close her door, lol, and truly the days are limited since I imagine that she and Cody will get a place sometime later next year or beyond.

I spent my Birthday weekend doing all of the indoor Christmas decorating. It's done except for the 800 ornaments on the big tree which Sarah says she will handle. I had to get everything done because like you, we have guests coming on Thanksgiving weekend and we still have outdoor lights to work on (a Cubs theme because nothing says Christmas for a Cubs fan, like the Cubs winning the World Series! :) ) Love, me

Anonymous said...

WOW! Just wow! That's a lot of toys! Funny cuz I was going to ask about ideas for Christmas ....hmmmmmm...well, at least they have the things they love and some other kids will enjoy what they had. Now think of something great for me to get them! Ha! Xoxo