Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Noah Lost a Tooth!

Ben and Noah tend to hold on to teeth longer than most.  While a lot of kids in Kindergarten have gaps in their teeth, my boys never did.  Emily did though.  Noah's been wanting a wiggly tooth for years and it finally happened about a week ago.  Then yesterday after school, he was eating a banana and his tooth came out.  He was so excited and I'm so glad I was there to see it.

If he's anything like Ben, he'll lose teeth in rapid succession, which means the Tooth Fairy better stock up on ones.  He got $2 for his first tooth.  After that, I think it goes down to $1.  I don't remember what she does, but she did sprinkle glitter all over my counter. Those darn fairies are so mischievous!   

This is when we seem to notice the biggest change in how our kids look.  It's not the gaps, but the appearance of adult teeth that changes their whole face.  They stop looking like babies and start looking like little adults.  But, this little guy will always be my baby!


Anonymous said...

Wow finally. I was just wondering about that last week( for some reason) and couldn't really recall if he had lost a tooth or not.I think it was when Alisa had taken her kids to dentist that made me think about the whole tooth issue. Anyway once he gets his $$ from the fairy maybe some more will start just popping out. I guess it is too close to Christmas to be able to sing the old standard of "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth". Ha!

Linda said...

That's awesome, Noah! :)

Sarah, if you remember, had to have several baby teeth pulled because they never came out and there were permanent teeth growing in behind them. The roots on her baby teeth were huge! It's funny because a couple months ago when we were up at my sister's house, we had a similar conversation with Addie & Morgan (the twins who are in 3rd grade) and Addie hadn't lost teeth and yet Morgan was losing them like crazy. :)

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Yay, Noah! You're just as cute as ever!
Auntie Pam