Saturday, November 12, 2016

Las Vegas

This was a whirlwind of a 48 hours. We are not the spontaneous type, so I'm not sure why or how we planned a trip in a week, but it was all David's idea and I did the travel agent part.  And boy, am I glad we went.

We got in at 8:00, which to our surprise was only 7:00 in Vegas.  Sweet!  But, it still felt late to all of us.  We drove down a bit of the strip getting to the hotel.  Then, we checked in and went and had some dinner at the hotel. We walked around a little.  There was this super cute soap shop that had the cutest soap like cupcakes and ice cream cones.  I mean there was no way you could use them, they were so cute.

We didn't pay for a view from our room, but we still had a little view of the Excaliber and a tiny bit of New York, New York.  We were on the 24th floor.  So, the kids liked being high up.

Emily really wanted some frozen yogurt, so we went down and grabbed some of that.  And, it was so late, we all crashed.  We knew the  next day was going to be jam packed.

We woke up and decided to walk around a bit.  We were meeting family in a few hours, but we had a little time, so off we went. Here's the huge lion outside of the MGM Grand where we stayed.  It was a nice hotel, but huge. I mean 15 minutes to walk to the car.  It was crazy.

That's New York New York in the background.

Noah was a little perplexed by this man in a thong on the street. We had warned them that they'd see a lot of risque things. It wasn't actually as bad as I thought.  Crazy, but nothing obscene. 

We went to the M&M factory. It was so cool.  Four stories of M&M stuff.

Look at this huge wall of M&M's and this was only half of it.

They let you have some samples and every time we turned around, Ben was back asking for more.

The kids did so good.  They posed for me at all the little things that I asked them too.  I think they are afraid of packing their lunch again.

Not sure what Noah is doing, but David and Emily look sweet.

David was the only one who would pose with green M&M.

The kids were impressed with everything in Vegas, even water fountains.

And here's a blue man made of Legos.

Here's the Brooklyn Bridge.

Then, we found the Hershey store. Ben was in heaven with all the Reese's stuff.

They also had a Statue of Liberty that was made out of 800 pounds of chocolate.

And they had these huge cookies and you know David and Emily had to share one.  Ben got a Reese's Pieces one too.  They were really good.

Then, we headed to Downtown Vegas, by Freemont Street, to meet up with family.  

This is Kate and Margot and Dillon with Emily.

We met them at this super cool place called Container Park.  Basically a big park made out of shipping containers.

And it had a super cool treehouse for the kids to play at.

It was nice as they could play and we went about 50 feet away and grabbed BBQ lunch.  It was fun and a perfect place to eat and catch up.

Baby Kate is a doll!

Saying goodbye to Kate.

And here's pics of everyone...

Then, we went back to the hotel and relaxed for a bit. We decided to walk down the Strip and see some sites on our way to see Beatles Love. 

We ate dinner at Hash House a Go Go.  I love their chicken and waffles.

Ben thinks the escalators are rides.

We took the to the Venetian because it's so pretty there.

The loved that it looked like it was daytime inside.  They are checking out the gondola rides.  

Ben thought this guy was super cool.  They pose and don't move and you can take a picture of them for a dollar or two.

Then, the kids tried it.  Um, not quite Ben.

Emily looks cute, but she couldn't hold it very long.

Even the soap stores are an experience.  We got scrubbed, lotioned and waxed.  Even the boys liked it.

We found this great poop emoji hat!

Then, we headed over to The Mirage as it was the venue for the Beatles Love.  We got there early, so we watched some street performers.  Ben got a kick out of them.

Ben liked the light up floor on the way to the show.

Here we are at the show. The kids loved it.  Ben was on the edge of his seat the entire time. I'd look at all of them and watch their eyes grow wide at parts.  It was awesome.  I'm so glad we were able to take them to an awesome show like that.

We walked back to the hotel.  This is The Paris hotel.

Then, we got shakes from the Hershey store.  I never thought Emily looks much like me, but in this picture, wow!  I can finally tell she is my daughter.  Yea!!!

We went back to the hotel and crashed.  My fitbit logged 24,000 steps and almost 8 miles.  This morning, the boys had breakfast in the window.

Then, we headed to New York New.  Emily wanted to try crepes.

The crepes took awhile, so Noah took pictures.

She loved them!  She got strawberry with marscapone cheese.

Then, we headed to get few gifts for the kids.  And of course, pose for a handstand.

On the way home, we stopped at the Hoover Dam for a few minutes.  I just wanted the kids to see how massive it is.

We got home almost 48 hours after we left.  I'm so glad we had the chance to take the kids on this fun weekend away.  Today is mine and David's 13th wedding anniversary.  And I'm so glad we got to spend this fun weekend celebrating our little family and love.


Linda said...

This is one place that Jim and I have never wanted to go. We just don't have any interest in it, and I wondered when you said you were going there with your children, how you'd find family friendly things to do, but of course you did. :) Looks like you had a great time and a fun getaway. :)

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Another great Galeana adventure! Looks like a fun trip! Happy anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for all the great pictures of your action packed get away. Amazing how you can pack so much into such a short period of time. So glad all worked out. Now today off to the game. Hope you all enjoy that too. Such a nice way to celebrate. The end of your 13,th year together as husband and wife and to start the 14th. Lots of love to you all.