Saturday, November 5, 2016


 I realized that I never posted actual photos of Halloween.  I guess since we went to a party beforehand, that I thought it might cover it.  But, Halloween night was a great time.  The kids got on their costumes...Batman, Batgirl, Black Panther.  They are looking rather black.
Here's our group of friends that we went with.  One of Em's besties, Alanah, was sick.  Such a bummer to be sick on Halloween. 
We know to bring a shopping bag as the kids little buckets fill up quickly.  So, they make several dumps into the big bag that David carries.  It was full!
Then, we dump it all out. 
And we like to sort it and see what candy wins. We had to put up a barricade because Rocko will come in and steal pieces. 
And Rio had to get in on the action.
And the winner of the candy bars was Snickers...for the second year in a row.  Kit Kat and Reese's were a close second.
The kids had so much energy that Emily lifts Noah in the air.  Rocko has a cone on because he was licking his back paw until it was raw.  Not sure why, but he's in the cone of shame now. 
And this has nothing to do with Halloween, but Emily's new favorite snack is black olives stuffed with feta cheese.  I'd probably throw up if someone put that in my mouth.  She definitely gets her tastebuds from her Dad. 
Ok, I fell better now that I got a Halloween post off my chest...  Whew...  :) 

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Linda said...

Hooray!! New posts! :)
Happy to see your Halloween photos. I might have to try that with the olives since I love both. ;)
I wish my parents would have taken photos of us on Halloween. I wish that every year, but those photos simply do not exist.

Love, Linda