Saturday, November 5, 2016

Family Photos Part 2

Last weekend, we went with our friends to do our annual holiday pictures.  Everyone hates doing these pictures.  Basically, I take pictures of the kids and the Suttons and then Ryan takes pictures of David and I and our family of 5.  It always works out.  We take about 300 photos of each family, and we always get something nice.  Pretty much.

But, last Sunday was different for my family.  On our way there, I gave them the lecture of cooperating.  The more you behave, the quicker it'll be over, etc, etc.  We got there and my lecture went right out of their heads.  Ben was not smiling well and his eyes were squinty.  I get that he's light sensitive.  I know he has an issue with his eyes, and he can't wear his glasses because they are transition lenses, so he'd be in sunglasses the whole time.  Anyway, I tried and tried and gave up.

Emily wasn't any better.  She was doing this fake smile like gritting her teeth.  Oh, and don't even get me started on her slumpy shoulders. 

Noah was ok. But, he was either way too happy or nothing.  Nothing natural.

I came home and looked at the pictures and wanted to cry.  I was so mad.  I do and do and do for them, and all I asked for was 30 minutes of cooperation.  I was livid.  Not only that, but I felt I should apologize to  my own mother because this is exactly how I was with her for my entire childhood.  Honestly, I was awful when it came to taking pictures.  What comes around, goes around, and I was just dealt a double does of awful from my children.  Mom, I'm so sorry I was a little shit.  Please forgive me.

Most of the pictures looked like this....

or this....  It's like I had 3 of the 7 dwarfs...Dopey, Squinty and Slouchy...
But, the background was gorgeous.  So, I was so mad at them and hurt and I finally came up with the BEST punishment.  We've learned it's about making impactful consequences.  For my friend Dakri, they take away screen time.  It works for her kids.  But, my kids don't care about screens, so it's hard to find something that they will really view as punishment.  I finally came up with it.  They have to get up early and pack their own lunch and  make their own breakfast.  Let me tell you, the next morning when I woke Emily up 15 minutes early, she was not happy to be making a ham sandwich when she's normally sitting on the sofa drinking coffee while I do that for her.  Oh boy, was it impactful.
The best part was that Emily and Ben both apologized on their own without being told to.  That's the best thing, and I forgave them.  But, I also told them that we are having a part 2 this weekend.
So, we got ready this morning and went back to take pictures.  And let me tell you, I could've snapped 20 pictures and left.  They were all so good.  We brought the tripod and got some good family photos.  The kids were awesome.   
I think we all learned a lesson this year.  As for the great family photos, you'll just have to wait for the card!  :)

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Linda said...

This is so funny. I laughed out loud. :D What you write about your kids and photos - that's my Dad. He HATES photos. He always complains when I have my camera out and when posing for photos and I have to tell him to just shut up and smile (while reminding him that WE want the photos - my sisters and I). Anyway.... gee, I wonder what kind of punishment I can come up with for my Dad. His 91st Birthday is tomorrow and darn right - there will be photos.

Love, Linda