Saturday, November 19, 2016

Around Our House

Emily is involved in some special group at school that helps kids focus on college and find careers they'll love.  Emily still doesn't know what she wants to do when she grows up, but she had a fun trip down to Phoenix with the group on Wednesday.  They got to tour Grand Canyon University and go to the Humane Society.  Emily loved the kittens.  Oh, and she loved that the college had a Chick-Fil-A, Starbucks, and Panda Express.  Hello, freshman 15!  HA!  Plus, she got a cool swag bag full of goodies.  It was a neat experience for her and I'm glad she went.

Noah came home from school on Wednesday not feeling well.  I don't know why he didn't go to the nurse earlier in the day, but he didn't.  He gets a cold and basically runs a fever and coughs for a day straight.  Then, he's totally fine.  It's bizarre, but, it's how he rolls.  It's a good thing we still have the breathing machine from when he was a baby.  We just put saline water in it and it's like a personal humidifier.  And it's typically the only thing that helps.

David and I went for a walk that night and David talked about how exhausted he was.  He had an overnight the night before and slept beneath an elephant at the hotel who was walking around at 5 AM.  We get home and this great husband of mine sat there and held Noah for like an hour.  It's just another reason why I love him.  When he feels like he can't give more, he somehow manages to do just that.

Noah didn't wake up the next day until after noon.  I couldn't believe it and had to check to see if he was still breathing a few times.  I'm so lucky to work from home and I can just take care of him when he needs it and still get my job done.  Poor little guy woke up for 2 hours and then was out again.

Luckily, he was better on Friday and we had friends over for smores at our new firepit. 

David and I were going to have a date day today since we didn't get to go out alone for our anniversary.  But, Emily woke up and seemed like she needed some time with us.  So, we took her with us.  We scraped the movie and took her shopping and to Canton Dragon, our favorite Chinese restaurant.  This is me having the egg drop soup.  It's so yummy.  I took this picture and sent it to my friend, Dakri, because it's her favorite and I'm just evil like that.

So, while we were out shopping, we found a sofa that we liked at Sam's.  We bought this sofa less than 2 years ago, but the leather was so disappointing.  Literally, the color was totally come off of it.  We tried to buy dye and color it and that just came off too.  

Here's a close up of the seat.  This is where Emily puts her feet all the time.  Leather shouldn't do this:

We bought it at Costco in February of 2015 and the last time we were there, we talked to them about it.  Guess what?  They'll take it back.  Costco rules.  So, we got to talking about the sofa we saw at Sam's and it didn't have a loveseat, but do we need a loveseat?  We never all sit at the same time in here.  And, even with the sofa and the recliner chair, we also have another recliner, so we still have room for 5. And then, we found this like bean bag chair at Sam's.  It was $60 and quite possibly the most comfortable thing I've ever sat/laid on.  I was ready to get 5 of them and call it a day.

But, we got home and David said maybe he should just return the sofa to Costco and get the one from Sam's today.  Ok, so we got the sofa loaded in our mini van.  Yes, it fits in our mini van, but he'd have to make two trips and get the loveseat on the second trip.  On the way home from Costco, he'd grab the sofa at Sam's and then when he returned the loveseat to Costco, he'd swing by Sam's again and get the recliner.  So, he took off after we loaded it up.  And Emily and I vacuumed and played with the cat. Emily put marbles in the box.  This cat loves marbles.  Especially at 5 in the morning.  

David actually ran in to one of our friends who lives around the corner at Sam's and she was able to get the recliner in her truck.  So, we got everything set up.  David still has to return the loveseat to Costco tomorrow.  It looks very similar and it's leather.  Hopefully, this one will hold up.

Oh, and this was our nuclear spaghetti of a coffee table.  Wires everywhere.

And in this new sofa, the armrests have USB ports and plugs, so the kids can put all of their devices in the armrest!  How cool is that????

And here's what it all looks like.  And that's the bean bag chair on the right.  We bought a soft big fluffy pillow to go on top.  I could sleep on it.  Seriously, it is the most fought after spot in the house.  The good thing is 2 kids can easily fit.  Actually, I fit on there just fine with Emily and Noah, so it's plenty big for several of us. 

And Emily found these super cute fox pajamas today.  Thanks, Aunt Pam for the gift card!  I think she just needed to spend some time with the 2 people who love her most in this world, a little retail therapy and a Starbucks because she was good to go after our little date.

David is taking the boys to see Doctor Strange tomorrow, so everyone gets some date time this weekend.  


Anonymous said...

Finally I was able to pull this up on my Fire. David told me there was a new post but I kept getting the last post. Obviously I was doing something wrong. Anyway, I know know all that's new at yourlace.Glad Noah is better and thatEmily had her day with Mom and Dad.I bet Ben enjoyed Dr Strange as well. New sofa and cozy bean bag lounger and all is well with you guys. It does sound like a busy week for sure especially coming after your whirl wind tour of Nev and As last weekend. Maybe this week will be a little calmer.. Oh oh just remembered this is Thanksgiving week . Just remember I am thankful for you all.

Linda said...

A nice huge update!!! Hooray! So much going on. I'm glad that Noah is feeling better, David is wonderful (and so are you!), that's great that Emily is involved in a group like that (I never had any plans for when I grew up, other than to be a wife and a Mom and it seems to me that Sarah has the same wishes). We have a brown leather sofa - not from Cosco though - Lazyboy and it's a recliner and it's in much worse condition than what yours was though many of the same issues - the leather is all worn off where Jim always sits and that side of the couch is all torn up. We've tried various remedies but really it's a mess and sometime we need a new one, but I doubt that's going to happen since Jim is basically retiring and going to be working part time for the Post Office. So, I have a blanket on the seat portion and it is what it is. That's wonderful though that Cosco (which I've never been to because we don't have one, lol) would do that!

The fire pit looks wonderful. Here, you'd really need your coats around the fire as it was 20 degrees this morning. Brrrr.... winter has come on far too quickly here, but they say the temps are going to warm up to the normal 50s this week again. Nights are really cold though. No sign of yard cat the past couple of days, so maybe its owners are keeping her indoors.

Happy Thanksgiving week!
Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

I hope Noah is feeling better. Poor guy. House looks great and Em's pjs are super cute! Can't wait to try out the fire pit!! Whoop! Whoop! Love to all!