Saturday, November 5, 2016

A Day At The Zoo

 I know this is my third post of the day, but I'm trying to catch up. 
After our retake of family photos, we met our friends at the zoo because it was $1 admission all weekend.  We are so lucky to have such a great group of friends and it's nice our kids all like each other! 
I don't know if it was the fall weather or what, but the animals were putting on a show and so close to the fences.  This is not a zoo.  It's a sanctuary, so they only take in hurt or abandoned animals. 
This was a black bear whose Mom was hit by a car and he would've been dead too since he was only a few months old.   
These lynx are so cool.  We've never seen them standing up and walking around before. They usually hide in a corner.  Such a beautiful kitty. 
The kids love playing at the playground.   
Ben loved these little kangaroos.  You can actually get in there and they will come up to you.   
Here's the mountain lion, again, rarely out.
And how cute is this raccoon?  Adorable! 
And here's the bear again, showing off. 
And an owl.... 
And a lizard on a leash... 
It was a fun morning.  Then, we grabbed frosty's and fries at Wendy's and ran to Walmart to grab Emily a clearance Halloween costume for next year.  The boys have lots of stuff to dress up in.  She picked a zombie prom queen.  Fun! 
The kids have a three day weekend next week for Veteran's Day, and we decided 3 days ago that we are taking them to Vegas!  Yep, Vegas, baby!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow!!! I've read all three. So much happening in your lives.. I think I will only make one comment even though there are 3 posts... I think the secret to great smiles is a big bag of candy in front of their faces.. Like that one from Halloween night .I'm sure if you think the new set of pictures are good that they are . Maybe the secret ( aside from the big bag of Candy) is to go alone, just your family.. they probably are feeling a little shy having another family seeing them at their most vulnerable. Even though you and the Suttons have been best friends for years now they probably still feel a little awkward having an audience when Mom says smile, no squinting , no slouching etc etc etc. Anyway enuf of my analysis of your photo retake situation.
Loved the pics from the animal sanctuary. The animals looks so tame but I'm sure they are not. I was a little worried about Ben with the kangaroo as they can be quite good at boxing! :) I've heard of people being attacked and knocked out. Anyway it all looked like fun.
I hope your next weekend is fun too. You'll be very busy from Thursday till Sunday and can't wait to see all your posts on that extended long weekend. Have fun and be safe! Celebrate those 14 years you've been together and the 13 of them as man and wife and the 12 years + of parenthood. you are a BEAUTIFUL family all the time even if the kids don't smile! :)

Linda said...

Loved all of your updates. That zoo looks neat, yet I always feel sad for those majestic animals behind cages, though I know it's the best for them especially in their situation. ♥ Vegas, huh? Can't wait to read all about it.

Love, Linda