Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Vacation, Day, Um, I Have No Clue

Somewhere along the way, I've lost how many days we've been on vacation, but that's a good thing I think.  We woke up today around 7.  We are all so tired, that we crash before 10.

David and I decided to go on a walk this morning. We left the kids home and just told Dakri and Ryan that we were headed out for an hour.  That's a perk of vacationing with friends.  They got your back.  And wouldn't you know it, down by the pier walking out of the best donut shop (Seaside Donuts) is friends from Prescott Valley.  They used to live on the street around the corner, but they moved to Prescott several years ago.

Funny story:  They used to always have a Halloween party that was so fun. So, one year, we go and we are hanging out and walking into their backyard is a little girl dressed as Sacagawea and she's on horseback. Only in Prescott!

Anyway, David and I walked out on the pier and then kept walking down the boardwalk for more than a mile.  It was nice to get out and get moving.

Then, we headed to the beach.  It was colder today and cloudy, but still fun.  Noah and I built a sandcastle and the 4 people in the background are David, Josh, Emily and Alanah on boogie boards.  

We went for another walk.  When it's cooler, walks are good to get moving and warm up.
Emily being silly.

Noah looking cute.

Emily doing handstands.

Ben and David and Emily in the background doing a handstand.

Ben's in his element just running around the beach.  

And more handstands...

She's getting really good.

Ben running some more.

Then, we met up with the friends we saw this morning on the beach.  They are only 3 blocks down from us, so we spent the afternoon catching up and playing in the water.

Then, we had pizza for dinner.  It was good, but man I was stuffed.  So, David and I went for a walk again.  Noah wanted to go with us.  But, I only figured out later that the Newport Pier is a Pokeman stop and he needed more Pokeballs.  

We took him out on the pier and showed him all the people fishing.

And that was it for today.  Tomorrow, we head to Legoland!


Linda said...

Another wonderful day in paradise :)

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

It looked like today may have been a slow beach day for everyone else but you guys. Amazing that you met up with your old neighbors( just a little something extra to add to your memories). Ben is so cute , it seems so different to see him without his glasses. Em's handstands are as you say getting more numerous and better all the time. Noah is cute wanting to go for a walk with you guys but has his own different agenda. Pokemon .. who would have thought!
Hope your day at Lego land is fun.