Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Vacation, Day 5 ~ It's My Birthday

Today is my birthday.  I'm lucky that my birthday is almost always on Fall Break.  I know a lot of places don't do fall break.  At my kid's school, they do 9 weeks of school (1st quarter), a week of fall break, 9 weeks (2nd quarter), 2 weeks for Christmas off, 9 weeks (3rd quarter), a week for Spring Break, 9 weeks (4th quarter), summer vacation!

Anyway, I'm glad that my birthday is always on a day when my whole family is usually off and we are someplace awesome.  It makes the day extra special.  We woke up today and I got nice cards and then we took my coffee to the beach in our pajamas.

Really, this is all I need for my birthday.

And, can you believe all the surfers?  It was crazy.  It was overcast and a little cooler, so maybe that brought them out.

Noah made me a sandy birthday cake.

And another one...

And that tiny person running on the boardwalk in the turquoise shirt is David.  I was not running.

Then, we came back and had a yummy pancake breakfast.  

I decided to take pictures of the house.  It's totally messy, but you get the idea.

This is the longest hallway known to man.

I love the vanity area in the hallway.

Then, we headed to the beach.  My Mom bought us this giant frisbee and it was fun to play with.

Ben's watching David, Ryan, Alanah and Emily all swimming and there is 4 birds above them.  

Then, Noah started feeding the birds some Cheerios that I found in the top of my pantry that expired in 2013.  He started with 2 birds.

Then, more came...

And more...

And more...

Until there was about 50 birds.  He's just like his Grampie. He likes to feed animals.

Then, we saw some dolphins swimming by.  Trust me, when you see a fin in the ocean, it's a bit freaky.  But these were definitely dolphins.  

The boys flew a kite.

And we played football.

Emily and her Daddy.

Then, Ben finally got out there with David, Em and Alanah.

And he caught a wave.

Then, we went out to dinner.  This is as good as I could get the kids to smile for me.

Then, we headed to Wild Tacos for some delicious tacos!

And Noah caught a Pokemon at our table.

It was a wonderful birthday and I couldn't ask for anything better.  The beach is my happy place and being here with family and friends I love is as good as it gets.

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Linda said...

A perfect way to spend your Birthday for sure! I'm so glad. You do so much for everyone and you're so deserving of a wonderful day. ♥

Love, Linda