Monday, October 10, 2016

Vacation, Day 4

This has been one of those awesome vacations where it feels like we've been gone for a week already and we've only been at our beach house for a little over 24 hours. I like vacations like that.

Typical of California, the day started at 6:30 with trash cans being wheeled out in the alley.  Then, the construction crew on the house being rebuilt across the street started at 7.  This is not going to be a vacation of sleeping in, which is always how it is in these beach house.  Everyone is too close and with windows open (no air conditioning), it's noisy early.

But, that's okay!  It just gave us more time to enjoy the beach.  This is the view from our balcony.

David and Ben went to get us doughnuts.  Yum!

And literally, by 7:45, we were in our pajamas on the beach with coffee in hand.  

We went back and got suits on and were in the water by 8:30.  It's never too early!

Noah is feeding the pigeons some stale cheerios.

The Dad's caught some waves.

There is a jetty by us, so we thought we'd walk out on it, but it was much to lava like and hard on the feet.

There was this tractor smoothing out the sand, and Noah couldn't want to lay in it.  It looked so nice and smooth.  I'm sure there was some reason for doing it, but really, the tractor just made it look pretty.  

The boys were running on the beach playing tag.

Poor Noah is always it because he's the easiest to catch.  One day, he won't be!

Then, we went back for lunch and took off for our parasailing adventure.

The kids were all a little nervous.

I'll post some videos when I get everything uploaded to youtube, but for now, here's some pics.

Here's Ben on the left, Josh in the middle and Noah on the right.

This is the touch down where your feet go in the water for a second and then back up you go.

Then, David went up with Alanah and Emily.

The winds were bad, so they needed more weight on the kids parasail, so I went with Dakri and Ryan.  David and I were going to go together, but that's all good.  It was so funny to go with Dakri. She was so scared.  Nobody had ever done it but me.

Here's our touch down.  All I think about is a great white coming up and eating my toes.  When we got up there, I was a little scared and I couldn't believe I just sent my 7 year old up there.  Holy cow, he's fearless.  He just went up like it was nothing.  All the kids did.  I love that they all have a little adventurous streak.

Then, we headed to Target.  Emily needed a one piece as her stomach was getting chaffed from all the boogie boarding.  And she wanted a frappucino at Starbucks.  But, then, we headed to the beach.  Unfortunately, the wind picked up and it was kind of awful.  Too much sand flying everywhere.

But, here's a handstand.

This pic is blurry, but we had yummy dinner on the patio.

Then, we ran down to see the sunset.  So pretty.

He's so cute.

Tomorrow is a full beach day!  I'm hoping for nice weather.  And, it's my birthday!  I love that fall break is always this week as I'm always somewhere great doing something wonderful on my birthday.


Linda said...

Happy Birthday!! :) What a wonderful place to spend it ♥
It all looks beautiful except as you know, I would not be up on the parasail. Sarah has the adventurous streak though so she would probably like that.

Are there many shells there? That's more my speed, walking along the beach and collecting shells.

Anyway, it looks like the perfect place to spend a perfect Birthday. And I'm still jealous as we have no such thing as fall break here ~ college is in session just like always. The next break any of us get is the Thanksgiving 4-day weekend.

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do with your vacation except before I forget I just want to say that Ryan looks so much like Matt Damon these days and Dakri looks like a teenager star again. So what are you guys doing associating with celebs like that???... Oh I forgot you are in California! Wow...What an exciting vacation for you all and to be celebrating your birthday in the midst of it all. Happy Birthday!
I know I sound a little wacky I am just overwhelmed with all that is happening from east to west coasts and the difference in the two scenarios at the moment.
I can't believe how adventurous you all are and am so glad you are having a birthday to remember. Continue to enjoy the next few days and I am loving that you are keeping me up to date on all that is going on with you. Take care and enjoy the rest of your time there,