Sunday, October 9, 2016

Vacation, Day 3

It already feels like we had a nice vacation and it's really only been 2 days.  We've packed in a lot.  These two boys got along great and were sad to say goodbye.

We headed to Newport Beach where our beach house is.  The Sutton's had already checked in yesterday, so we got some stuff unloaded in the garage since we couldn't officially get the keys from the realty company for a few hours.  They have the bottom house.  We have the upper house.  Then, they took Emily to the beach and we took the boys over to Jetpack America.  Ben has been asking for a jetpack for Christmas for about 3 years.  I figured this was the closest he'd get.

We had to wait a little bit and I could tell they were both nervous.

We have video, but I'll have to piece together the ones I took of each of them and get them on youtube.  Later.  But, David and I both said we hadn't smiled and laughed so much.  The boys had the best time.  

Here's Ben getting ready to take off.  They did a 10 minute tandem flight with an instructor.  

At first Ben had a death grip on his life vest, like the picture above, but within a minute, he was flying like superman.  Seriously, he had Superman poses and Iron Man poses. He was loving it.

This was the walking on water maneuver.  

And this is the submarine, where they dive in the water and come up a few seconds later.  

Ben was done and it was Noah's turn.  He was scared.  I could tell. But, he did it and as soon as it was over, he asked to go again.

Noah was able to go higher since he's about 30 pounds lighter than Ben.

This was the flying backwards maneuver.  

Then, we took the boys to the beach and dropped them with Dakri.  We left to drive the mile down the street to get our keys.  And then we quickly got everything in our house and took off for the beach.  At first, I was going to get all settled and then David encouraged me to get settled later and head to the beach.  He's a smart man.  We literally ran in the water and dove in.  

Newport Beach is so nice.  The water is clear and the sand feels like silk. We think it's the best beach in Cali.  And then to top it off, there are restaurants everywhere and a grocery store.  You don't have to drive anywhere.

We spent a few hours on the beach.  Then, came to the house and cooked up some yummy steak!

Here's Emily and Alanah boogie boarding.

Everyone was cooking and Ben and I went to see the sunset.  We are about 6 houses from the beach, maybe a 30 second walk to the sand.  It's perfect.

We ate dinner and then all went for a two mile walk in the dark along the water.  It was lovely.  It's cool and the air is just wonderful.  I'm in my happy place.

We really are so lucky to leave so close to California. Anything and everything you could possibly want is right here, only a tank of gas away.  We are happy that we get to come enjoy this beautiful state and all it has to offer every year.  And even more lucky that we get to enjoy the company of family and spend time with great friends.


Linda said...

I've never been to California but it looks beautiful there where you go! :) Of course, never in a million years would I be on that jet pack thing, not even as a kid. I have not that type of adventurous bone in my body and since I don't swim, I wouldn't be out far in the ocean either, but prefer to keep my toes on the shore, but they sure had fun and those are great photos!

We're having the most beautiful weather here this week that I sure wish I were off on fall break!!

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

So glad you are having a great vacation week in cali.The kids look so happy. Not sure about Em as she was too far away for most of the pics for me to see her expressions. Surprised she didn't want to take the jet back experience. I love that you always share your vacation experiences with us. Keep having fun and be safe.