Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Super Star's

Rio has made the transition from outdoor cat to indoor cat very nicely. He doesn't meow at the doors to go out. Well, he likes to go roam the garage, so sometimes he meows out those. But, other than that, he shows zero interest in wanting to outside. Well, there was that one time that he was in the window watching birds and I had the window open, but it has a screen on it. He pounced to get the bird and fell right through the screen and landed outside. Luckily, Emily I got him back inside quickly with a piece of yarn. Seriously, that cat gets in a trance when he sees yarn.

Anyway, he likes to climb up in my closet to the top shelf and hang out on the suitcases. He's silly.
Ok, now on to the super star kids. It's always an adjustment the beginning of the year and getting used to a new teacher and their expectations.  Ben has been doing great and got all A's on his report card.  He also got perfect attendance.  Go Ben! 
Noah got almost all O's with an S in handwriting.  He can get lazy sometimes.  He's in 2nd grade, but he is the youngest kid in his class and I felt he needed to start pushing himself with reading.  He was still reading easy reader type books.  He needed chapter books. So, I had him start the Magic Tree House series, which Ben loved.  And he read the first book in less than 24 hours.  They are like 70 pages long, so I was super happy and proud.  But, I wasn't sure how he'd do with the quiz they take at school on the books they read.  Did he comprehend enough?  Yep!  He passed the quiz.  Then, this week, he started the second book, finished it in two days and took the quiz today and got 100%!  Yea! 
And Miss Emily had a huge adjustment this year.  In her other school, honors just meant that you got pulled to do some fun projects, like solar cars and stuff like that.  But, in Jr. High, she has all honors classes, meaning she has advanced curriculum and it's taught at a faster pace. It's been an adjustment.  She honestly had never needed to really study for a test before.  She's been working on all that and helping her study and she got Principal's List! Plus, David and I are learning a whole bunch of stuff we forgot when we help her study.  Ask me about the Earth's core or the Magna Carta.  I'm full of knowledge again!  It's awesome!  :)
She got one B, but because they are honors classes they count as higher, so it's still above a 4.0 gpa.  I'm so happy for her.  Look at that....a 90 in College Prep Pre Algebra!  Holy moly, she is awesome.   
Of course he 2 highest scores were Art and PE.  That's my girl!   


Anonymous said...

Awesome! So proud of all of you! Keep it up!
Auntie Pam

Linda said...

That's so great!! Congrats to all - glad everyone is doing so well. :)

I'm glad Rio is taking to being an indoors cat. Ours love to sit out on the pato with us, but nowdays we have to watch them carefully because we have "Yard Cat". A young cat (I'm guessing it's less than a year old) has taken a liking to our yard and while it was once feral, I've become friends with it and began feeding it. I don't see it every day now that it's getting colder, but the food is still gone so either she's visiting or a skunk or a raccoon is coming at night and eating the food, lol. We cannot have another cat though and I won't stress our two cats out by bringing in another, so yard cat, will have to remain mostly wild and roam the neighborhood, like so many others here do. I doubt it's someone's cat - there's many wild ones in the neighborhood. Somehow they always know whose house to visit. ;)

I was impressed by your photo of Rio up in your closet because I thought - wow - look at how neat and clean your closet is, lol. Seriously, in our little house, we have one walk in closet in our bedroom and it's packed full with our clothes and now packages that keep arriving for Christmas/Birthday gifts. It's the all-around storage place and one can barely even move in there.

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Great News! Good work All.Really we are so proud of all of them. I know it has been a big transition for Emily this year but she is doing GREAT! So happy that everyone is doing so well at school and that Rio knows where to make himself at home. If only Eli would be so good. He runs outside every chance he gets and even after two years still will not use the litter box so we have to let him out ... But glad you got a good one.