Saturday, October 29, 2016

Hitting the Big Time Honky Tonk

Gina's Beauty Parlor just hit the big time honky tonk!  Ok, only Pam will get that joke.  This was back 20 years ago, before the age of DVR's.  I was watching Coal Miner's Daughter (one of my favorite movies) and talking to Pam.  Then, I suddenly exclaimed with urgency, "I have to go Loretta's about to hit the big time honky tonk!"  Pam just laughed at me.

Anyway, last week at a yard sale, I found what I've been looking for years.  I pulled up and kind of did a once over at the yard sale thinking this place will have nothing I want or need.  And then it was like the heavens opened up and a song was sung and a light shown down on this perfect stool.  I practically ran to it prepared to elbow anybody who got in the way of me and my stool.  It was perfect.  It moved up and down, had a foot rest and swiveled around.  The chair I had been using was about 2 feet tall and had fabric on the seat.  It was a tiny bathroom vanity stool.  I was hunched over and when I'd cut Emily's hair, she had to stand the entire time or I'd be sitting on the floor cutting her hair.  Anyway, the stool was perfect.  It needed a little cleaning up because the guy used it in his garage, but I didn't even haggle over the $5 price tag.  I paid the man and this little beauty was mine!  All mine!  I gave it a whirl today and it is a dream.  

We went to a friend's Halloween party last night.  The kids are Batgirl, Black Panther and Batman.  All Super kids, which is appropriate since they are all super.

I bought these costumes for David and I probably 5 years ago on clearance at Kmart.  They've sat in our closet all this time.  We had to dust off the shoulders when we put them on.  I'm a french maid and David is dracula.  It was the only clearance costumes left, unless I wanted to be mustard.  And I hate mustard. I put some make up on him and we were good to go.  David told me that we had never dressed up for Halloween.  What?  We've been together for 14 years, but I think he's right.  

We had a fun night!  We should dress up more often, just for fun!  HA! 
Plus, my husband looks hot as Dracula!

They had a mummy wrapping contest.  This is Ben.  He won!  David did a good job wrapping him.

And Aunt Pam sent the kids these adorable cake pops.  They are so cute.  The frankenstein, mummy and pumpkin are already gone.  But, they are so cute!  Adorable and yummy!  Thanks, Aunt Pam!

Oh and the BEST news!  I had to take Ben to his eye Dr. appointment in Phoenix on Thursday.  This was his 3 month follow up since the Dr. was concerned with his eye drifting out.  He put him in a stronger prescription and he was hoping that would fix it.  If not, surgery would happen.  Ben was so worried as we all were.  But, everything is good for now!  Yea!  He doesn't want to see Ben until his scheduled annual appt. in July.  Whew.  We are so thankful.  


Linda said...

Not sure what happened but I see this same post twice, I think, so hopefully my comment remains. :) Looks like lots of fun. I'm impressed with your hair cutting skills as my only attempts at that with Sarah's hair when she was little was a fail. Just ask her - I cut her bangs way back too far in her head and well, I just shouldn't cut hair. Thankfully neither one of us rarely goes - maybe once every couple of years at that, so it's not too costly, lol.

How fun to dress up and go to a costume party. Although I'm a creative person, not the case with costumes and can never figure out anything. Jim and I have dressed up over the years for various friends parties, but now we don't have many friends (ha) so there's really nowhere to go. I will still try to find something a little festive for work tomorrow.

Happy Halloween.
Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh, the big time hunky tonk - that was a good laugh! Great memory, for sure! What a find at the garage sale - perfect! You're becoming quit the stylist - time to start taking outside clients? Happy the cake pops were good - they're pretty cute, but too cute to eat ...? Nah!!!! Love you all!
Me xo

Anonymous said...

Duh - I forgot to comment about Ben's great news - too busy remembering the big time honky tonk moment! That's fantastic news!! Big kiss from me!

Anonymous said...

I've been looking at this post everyday for about a week but never once went to look at my comment until today and I see my comments are not there. Not sure what happened but I did say I loved that you got yourself the "official stool" Imagine all that for $5.00. Not bad at all. I was surprised that Ben was the wrapped winner since his Dad was the wrapper but I am glad Ben won. It seems weird now a week later to be making the comments again. I know with all the different parties etc that you all had a great Halloween and now I hear another celebration is coming up soon.😀Have a good weekend.