Monday, October 24, 2016

Around Our House

When we sold the swingset this summer, we told the kids, we'd make a little outdoor firepit area where the swingset was.  We finally got it done this weekend.  We need to get more chairs, but we are waiting for a good find at a yard sale or something on a wrought iron set.  Anything wood or with material just rots in our hot dry Arizona sun.  So, we just pull chairs from our patio set around it when we need to.  We put the pit on pavers and David got all the rock smoothed out.  We used to have a sandbox there, so it was some effort to get everything looking good again.

Then, we got to try it out and have Smores since my Dad and Suzy came up for the night. It was nice and I can see many a marshmallow being roasted out there.
When I clean the bathrooms now, we have pitch in.  Emily cleans her bathroom.  Noah cleans the little bathroom. And since my bathroom is always the dirtiest since everyone likes to use that one the most, I have Ben clean David's side and I clean my side.  It all works out well.  Until I find Noah standing in the sink to reach the top of the mirror.  Thank goodness he's only 45 pounds.
And I've been meaning to share these videos of the jetpack.  So fun!


Anonymous said...

I always check to see if there ate updates and today I struck gold! Those videos are great ...Was Noah scared at all? I love the part of him walking on water. I didn't realize they must be powered by those little water vehicles.. The for pit looks great and like you mentioned I bet it will see lots of smores pass it's way in the next few years. It was nice that Pete and Suzy were there for it't baptism...
Hope you all have a great week.

Anonymous said...

Of course that was supposed to be FIRE pit. Sorry!

Linda said...

Always happy for your updates! Love the videos though that looks scary to me of course, lol. ;)
Your fire pit area looks great!! It's all very neat. Ours is quite a contrast I'm afraid (a messy area of weeds and overgrowth) and though we've gone through many fire pits since they eventually rust out here, we have stuck with our broken down one for the meantime because it still does the trick and we realized that all we really need is a little circle to keep the logs together and the fire sort of contained. I plan to use ours this weekend with Sarah for a wine & cheese/Halloween/fire while Jim is away in Canada for Jenny's surgery weekend.

Love, Linda