Sunday, September 25, 2016

Around Our House

I know it's been awhile since I blogged when I get the text from my Mom. Then, the very next day, my Dad calls and asks where I've been. And I know my mother and father in law check daily. It's nice to be missed.

Not a ton has been going on around here.

Rio is happy to interfere with Emily's homework.  He really is a great cat.  We are all enjoying him so much.  He's funny and mischievous and full of spunk, especially at 3 AM. 

We saw this at Sam's Club the other night.  Is it a dress?  Is it a mannequin?  Is it a Christmas tree?  I don't know.  And for $100, I don't have any idea what kind of person will think this is a must buy; maybe in New York City's Fashion District, but not in Prescott Valley.

Our church had a "county fair" last night.  Full of water slides, without water since it's about 65 at night right now.  But, they were still fun and there were obstacle courses and this bungee thing that Emily loves! 

Noah liked the cotton candy.  So did I.  I love cotton candy.

Ben got a snow cone.

After all the inflatable slides and bounce houses, Ben got on the bungee jump.  Noah didn't want to do it.

Next weekend, we are headed to wet n wild with friends.  Then, we leave for Newport Beach for fall break in 12 days!  Can't wait.  My feet need the sand.


Linda said...

I too have been checking in daily and wondering where you've been! ♥
Glad to see your update and looks like life is going well. Rio is such a pretty cat.

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I missed this for 4 days... I check everyday but I guess because of the heading I thought it was still the same one and in fact thought you guys already did the wet n' wild weekend. I haven't talked to David so I guess I didn't know you haven't gone yet. I feel like I am spinning my heels in air and getting no where. time is just flying by and I am doing nothing.. So yes, you are right we depend on your blog to keep us grounded...
Anyway hope you all have a great weekend and will get an update soon. Ha!