Friday, September 9, 2016

A Fun Day

We're not very spontaneous people. Pretty much everything is planned ahead of time. We didn't have much going on for Labor Day weekend. It was Sunday. We were all sitting around. I saw a gift card for Olive Garden in my wallet. And thought, let's go! So, we did!

We headed to Target first to spend Noah's birthday gift card from Aunt Pam. Oh, Pam, he had a blast! He got some tsum tsum's and Darth Maul for his video game. He loved it. Thank you!

Then, we headed to Olive Garden with a gift card from Gwynne! Thanks, Gwynne and Enrique!
Emily always wants to go to mini golf, but it's like $5 a person.  On holiday weekends, they always do a .99 promo.  So, we went! 
Noah hit like 5 hole in ones.  Emily was trying so hard and couldn't get one.  She was getting so mad at him.  Every time, we turned around, he was doing a victory dance for another hole in one.  I think my Dad needs to take him golfing.
Ben was more interested in climbing on and in everything around. 
 I think he's too tall for this mini house. 
Then, they all had a free attraction coupon from good grades at school, so they all choose soft play.  Which is like a 3 story tall fun house. 
And that was it.  I figure we are good for awhile!
It was a nice way to spend the evening, and it's good to mix things up sometimes. 


Anonymous said...

I've been waiting all week for some news from your part of the world And just by chance checked before getting off here, not really expecting there to be a new post... so I was very happy to see this post. I know you guys don't go out to eat that often so that was a nice and different way to spend the evening. Glad we helped a bit to make it a little different. Another weekend is upon us and we'll have to wait and see what you guys are up to on this one. Have fun.

Anonymous said...

Yay! What a fun day! Happy to hear Noah got what he wanted. The hole in one story is great! Way to go, Noah! Love to all!
Me xo

Linda said...

Happy to see your update and that looks like a great day! :)
Long ago, I didn't used to be spontaneous and I'm still a big planner but I'm much more spontaneous over the past 20 years and especially since I've been with Jim, which is 16 years. Love, Linda