Saturday, July 2, 2016

Gibsons, Day 11

It was supposed to rain today, but luckily, there wasn't a drop to be found!  Yea!  We had plenty of sunshine.  So, we got to what we call Starfish Beach this morning.  You have to get there when the tide is low to see all the starfish.  

And they are everywhere on the rocks.  It's kind of pretty and kind of gross.

Uncle Terry and Aunt Paula joined us for a bit.

These are the rocks that the starfish are on.
At high tide, these rocks are covered in water.  That just amazes me.  

David was the official digger and found a prawn or crawfish or something gross.

Emily found a hermit crab.

At low tide there are all these nice sandy areas.  

The walked out to a sandbar.

Emily did a handstand.

Then, we found this big crab.  I told the kids their Grampie would take that thing home and have him for dinner.  

The boys were out there playing.

Then, they came up and they decorated a small starfish with green seaweed, like Patrick the starfish from Spongebob.  Pretty creative.

More handstands.

Ben ran, and ran, and ran.

Noah being cute.

More handstands.

This little girl wanted a starfish, but was afraid.  Noah was so sweet and would get her one when she asked.

This one is sucking on some shells.

We stayed for a few hours, and the tide came up.  Then, it's just too rocky.  So, we left and went to the beach by the house.  But, we found Thor's hammer on the way out.  The kids tried to pick it up.  

We stopped at Starbucks for Frappaccinos and Wendy's for Frostys.  Then, we went to the beach.

Noah never goes all the way in, so David got him and dunked him.  

We sat on the beach and played and found glass and relaxed.  

When we got home, Uncle Terry and Aunt Paula had a delicious rib dinner for us.  We are truly spoiled on these trips.  It was a perfect last day of vacation.

We hit the road early for a 12 hour travel day.
It's been a great vacation!
Thanks to my Dad and Suzy and Uncle Terry and Aunt Paula who are always so hospitable.
We appreciate the family time and memories made!


Linda said...

Looks like such a beautiful day!!! :)
Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

I've looked at this blog about 15 times and each time I notice I didn't make any comments and somehow or other always forgot to do so. I guess with the issue of a new computer and not being able to post from my Nook has been part of the reason. Now the problem I'm having is trying to be able to find the blog when I put in a search there are a million or so links to anything that has any of the title words in it and then being able to keep the link once I find it. So far have not been successful in doing that. I try bookmarking it but it doesn't post anywhere that I can find it. All that to say. I am so happy you've posted so many beautiful pictures and kept me abreast of every day of your vacation. It looked like lots of fun and made me vicariously be there too.Thank you.Glad you returned home safely and efficiently.It was a great vacation. :)You had two terrific sets of hosts and people that loved and welcomed you to be part of their lives and you made them part of yours for a few brief moments(Days)