Friday, July 1, 2016

Gibsons, Day 10

I can't believe we are down to one last day of vacation. Boo!

We woke up to rain and clouds. It's Canada Day today, which the same as our 4th of July. There was a parade and stuff like that we planned to go to, but with the rain, we opted to stay home. Instead, Aunt Paula made her famous pancakes! YUM!

Then, Noah and I went on  a slug hunt.  Aunt Paula hates the slugs since they eat all of her garden and plants.  But, all we could find was this cute(ish) snail.

Then, Aunt Paula found a slug and Noah got to sprinkle him with salt to end his laugh.  I felt a little bad about it, but since he ruins the garden, oh well.  

Then, we went for a walk.  Emily and Noah, the two who complain, stayed home.  It was just David, Ben and I.  We saw a cute deer.

The path to the beach was pretty.

We found some ripe blackberries.

We went to the same beach that we jump off the pier and were shocked at how low the tide was.  Holy moly, the kids would never jump from that high.

Look how many rungs are on the ladder. 

We walked farther down the beach and there was this massive tree.

We were trying to find a shortcut home, so David went exploring, but it was too rocky.

When we got home, Aunt Paula and Noah made banana bread.  Noah has eaten almost the entire loaf by himself.

We got home from our walk, had lunch and went to the beach.  

Then, the kids played Master Chef and made seaweed salad and rock soup.  We were the judges.  It was good, but everything was a little over salty from the sea water.  HA!

Then, we headed back to the beach where we pier jump and the water was high again.  Look how little the ladder is now that the tide is up.  It looks like nothing, but it's about 10 feet.

The jumped.  Noah still hasn't done it yet.  Maybe next year, and we will need to be in the water when he jumps.

David pushed Emily on this one as she was hesitating.  

They climbed to a higher part of the pier to make it more challenging.  

We are hoping for good weather tomorrow and a full day at the beach for our last day of vacation.


Anonymous said...

Even though I didn't see any fireworks it didn't turn out to be a bad day. Lots of walking and feeling and smelling the sea water.... and Banana Bread to top it all off. Sounds good to me.
Enjoy your last day in Gibsons for this time. Saturday will pass too quickly.Safe travels on Sunday.

Linda said...

Enjoyed your fun update. :)
Love, Linda