Thursday, July 14, 2016

Around Our House

Well...I fell loved. I talked to my Dad a few ago and he told me that I haven't blogged in 11 days. My Mom texted yesterday wondering why I haven't blogged and to make sure all was alright. Aunt Linda emailed me this morning and so did Aunt Paula. It's so sweet that people miss us and my little blog posts. And Gwynne, I know you would've emailed but are refraining as to not be a "pest" as you'd say, but you know you never are. Anyway, it's nice to be missed.

So, what have we been up to....

Well, this happened while we were on vacation. We sold it on Craiglist.  We are sad it's gone, but the kids just rarely played with it anymore.  It was time for it to be sanded and stained again and we didn't want to do that for something the kids go on about once a month.  Hopefully, another family will get good use out of it and we are turning the area into an outdoor firepit!  The kids all agreed they wanted that more than the swingset.  So, I'm on Pinterest trying to find cheap ideas. It kind of makes me teary to think that they've outgrown it.  I'm glad I wasn't here for the disassemble and haul away.

The kids did the annual patriotic singing and piano playing at the senior care home.  I was so sad to here that Oval had died.  She was there from our first visit, but died at 105.  

The kids did another week of church camp.  They are having a blast.  It's daily from 9 to 3, so it gives them something to do and me a break.

School is starting in 3 weeks!  I don't know how that happened so fast.  I still have stacks of school papers from last year to go through.  I'm not feeling on top of my game....yet.

David had his final interview and exam to become a U.S. citizen yesterday.  He studied for the 10 question oral exam and was totally prepared.  He knew all about Congress, our Senators and everything in between.  And then they asked him questions like what ocean is on the west side of the U.S.?  Really, challenge the guy some.  There was only 1 question out of the 10 that he even had to think about.  So, he's approved for citizenship and we will get a letter about his final swearing in ceremony.  That'll be fun to go to.  

And that's about it!  I wish I had something exciting to report, but we are all doing great and I guess that's exciting enough.  :)


Linda said...

Hooray!! A post! :D
Love reading your updates. I can always relate on some level - the play set... coincidentally when I was mowing our backyard yesterday I made note of the ruts that are still visible where Sarah's swing once was many, many years ago. Made me just a tinge sad at the thought but I thought more about the fact that so many years had just flown by since we last had that in the yard.

It's always wonderful that your kids take part in the singing at the nursing home - I know those residents really really enjoy that. Sad about Oval but wonderful that she lived to 105! Amazing. :)

Also, I had no idea David was becoming a citizen. I occasionally ask Jim if he will do that because he always sort of intended to rather than just staying Permanent Resident status, but he always says nowadays, in light of the way things are going, that he wants an out in case things get really bad here with our country, but then I always remind him that I'm NOT moving to Canada (too cold for my liking, as is anywhere further north than we already are, lol).

Anyway, glad to know all of your news. School in 3 weeks just doesn't seem possible, but I remember that your school schedule is different from the one here. Enjoy every minute of summer.

Love, Aunt Linda :)

Anonymous said...

Count me in as someone who's been thinking about you! Been meaning to text you for a couple days but work has been crazy!! I miss you! So, thanks for the update cuz I was going through withdrawals. Also was going to ask about Em and Insta cuz she's not posting much - did she block me?! Ha!! JK! Let me know when the citizenship ceremony is? I would love to be there! Love you! Can't wait to sit by the fire and catch up!! Xoxo
Me (you know, me) ;)

Anonymous said...

Your comment in paragraph one is funny cause you can't even imagine how many times this week I almost sent the same message to you and in fact using the "pest word".. I refrained because I thought oh Gosh she must be really overworked and busy.. and of course I didn't want to be a pest. Anyway glad to know and hear the latest news.
When i look at the picture at the Old Folks Home I can see how much your kids are growing in fact all the children. Even Noah seems to have sprouted up a bit this summer. Ben is starting to look like a Big kid and I know I'll be surprised the day i hear his voice changing. Barb says it is so strange when she talks to Spencer and he has a man's voice now. Hopefully I will see Ben again before he reaches that stage. :)It was sad to see that Opal had passed away. But 105 Wow! She did good.
I can't wait to talk to David to hear about the citizenship test... I thought he might have called me that day but no he didn't.
Anyway glad to see you are all alive and kicking and planning a firepit in the back yard. Hope it works out. Wishing you all a great weekend.