Thursday, July 21, 2016

All Day Doctor Appointments

My kids are all very healthy, and for that Im' truly thankful. But, we still have routine appointments. Today, they all had dentist appointments.  We are trying a new dentist since our current one is a 45 minute drive round trip.  We wanted something closer.

The boys love that it had a playstation in the waiting room.

And even more exciting, was the TV on the ceiling that they tuned in to cartoons.  

Here's Noah totally relaxed and Ben is like a hyper basket case.  God love him.  Nobody had cavities.  Yea!  They all got xrays and we could see all 4 of Ben's wisdom teeth under the gums.  Emily, nothing.  No wisdom teeth, not one. They said by now, she should have a little bubble where the teeth would be or full grown teeth, like Ben. She has nothing.  And she is thrilled.  

The appointments took longer than I thought.  I barely had time to drop the kids, pack a lunch for Ben and I and we were off to Scottsdale for Ben's annual eye appointment.  Here's Ben after drops.  He hates the dialating drops.

The doctor is concerned with Ben's eye.  It was a lazy eye and turned in, which they did surgery to loosen the inside muscle and he patched for years.  This was to get that eye stronger and not lose sight, which it worked great.  But, now the doctor is seeing his eye drift, which means it's going to the outside.  He's hopeful that a stronger prescription will fix the problem.  And he wants to see him again in three months.  I didn't like that.  We have been on yearly appointments for about 3 years, so to go back to 3 month appointments is not good.  But, he just wants to stay on top of it.  He says as Ben grows and changes, it's just life that the eye can change like it is.  Kind of like how I got Lasik surgery 15 years ago and had perfect vision, and now I need glasses.  

So, the worst case scenario is Ben would need another surgery.  This time to do just the opposite of what they did ...loosen the outer eye and tighten the inner eye muscle.  But, he's hopeful the stronger prescription will help.  Needless to say, we are getting him new glasses tomorrow.  The good news is the vision is good in his eye.  The stronger prescription is just to train his brain to keep using both eyes together.  

We drove straight home after.  Ben is miserable after his eyes are dialated.  He was literally in his room laying there for hours, but he's doing well now.  

It was a super long day and it was so hot in Phoenix, it felt like a sauna.  
Looking forward to a good nights rest and a nice weekend.
Next weekend, we have one last hooray before school starts...another camping trip!


Linda said...

That's a full day for sure!
I hope Ben's eye gets better with the glasses. My sister Angie had several eye surgeries all before age 3 and she still has needed corrective lenses her whole life. I was the only one in the family who never needed glasses until around age 40 when I had to get reading glasses and I still hate them, mostly because they don't really work well for me - not even with the prescription readers and this kind of vision loss is not a candidate for Lasik, so I'm stuck with them. Even my distance vision gets weird at times. I blame all of this on my computer work.

It's definitely a hot sauna here - heat index of 117 yesterday afternoon because of the combined high heat and humidity. I still managed to fit in my 4 mile run/walk in 2 parts yesterday and have kept it up all week in this heat like a crazy woman. Literally, I'm the only one out there on campus doing exercise. I'll do it again today and then go home and mow. It does bother me though - the humidity is horrible.

Hope you have a great weekend!
Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

I am so bad.. I saw this on Friday night on my Nook but didn't want to try to make comments on there cause I knew I wouldn't make it through the security issue, so figured I would comment on sat. But then I talked and discussed the kids health with David and then Noah and by that time completely forgot to go back and make my comments.. Only when I looked now to see if there was any weekend news did I notice I forgot to comment. I was concerned about Ben's eye situation but I know you are keeping on top of that. I hope the stronger lens will help. Only nine day of vacation days left for the kids. Where did the summer go?
I hope the camping trip comes off as planned and that it is not too hot... Have a good week.

Piper AndTheKids said...

We just did the dentist on Monday for the oldest three. At their next visit in six months it will be time for the baby to go as well and I swear, trying to schedule their next visit took longer than the actual cleanings went..... Having to add a fourth kid completely threw off the scheduler and she messed up the program so bad even the long-time employee who came to help her couldn't figure out what she did LOL They eventually figured it out :p

I hope all goes well with Ben :(