Monday, June 27, 2016

Osoyoos, Canada ~ Day 6

We woke up today and leisurely got ready.  It's nice not to be rushing out the door to catch a plan.  My Dad drove us to Coeur D'Alene to pick up our rental car.  Since they weren't opened yesterday and we almost drove 3 hours to find out they were closed for Iron Man, we asked if they would give us the mini van instead of the intermediate car and they happily agreed.  Sweet!  Thank God since Noah was off the chain this morning and I was ready to put him in the trunk.

But were were quickly off and adjusted our path since we all went south 45 minutes.  We took a little different route through Washington. We loved all the farm land and the mustard seed land.  Isn't that the coolest?  We first saw them in Prince Edward Island and there is no mistaking that bright yellow.

Emily wanted to get out and roll around in it.  She loves mustard.

There are parts of Washington that look kind of like Arizona, flat and kind of desert looking.

This was the Coolee Dam.  Come to find out, Dakri's Grandpa worked there for years.

Then, 5 minutes later, we are in total forest.

Then, we are in desert again and then endless apple orchards.

I noticed the antennae and thought it was bizarre that there was an antennae on the car.  I asked the kids if they knew what it was for.  Emily said, "wifi?"  Um, no.  Then, she knew it was a radio signal.  Oh vay, these kids today.

It was a 4 hour drive, but we had a few stops at Subway in Davenport and then we stopped in Omak to go to Walmart and grab a few things before we got into Canada and paid double the prices.  The border crossing was a breeze, less than 5 minutes.  Our hotel is Osoyoos, which is 5 minutes across the border is totally awesome.  It's nothing fancy, but it's big and has a fold out sofa and balcony that overlooks the lake.  It's very pretty.  

We couldn't wait to get our suits on and get in the water.  It was hot today!

But first, the kids wanted to go to the waterslide, which is indoors.  And it is FAST!

Then, we went in the lake.  The water was pretty warm and so nice.  

They have all these rafts and toys that you can play with for free.

Then, we just ordered pizza and salads and stayed at the hotel.  It was nice not to go out.  Now the kids are back at the water slide.  

Tomorrow, we have another 4 1/2 hour drive to the ferry.
Looking forward to more beautiful Canada scenery and to see our sweet Kelley family.

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Linda said...

Beautiful!!! :)
Only thing is I laughed when you said "it's flat and desert like" because I looked at the pictures a few times and said - ummm, no, that's not flat - those are big hills. You want FLAT - welcome to Central Illinois. That's flat (we have no hills here), LOL

Also, we have antennas on all of our cars and only regular radio, lol. Behind the times here.

Loving your updates.
Love, Linda