Sunday, June 26, 2016

Idaho, Day 5

It was a gorgeous day today in Idaho.  We took a short boat ride to the beach and played for a bit.

The kids love the swingset there.  Emily loves any swingset with bars.

The boys were telling secrets.

The water was still chilly, but it felt good.

David swam some laps.

A plane flew over...

We built sandcastles and chilled.

We got back and had some lunch and one of the neighbor girls came over.  She's 11 also and named Olivia.  The kids caught tadpoles off the dock.

While Dad recouped.

Then, we took the jet skis and then the raft.  
The kids just love it.

The problem is I'm bouncing around in the speed boat as much as they are, so sometimes, the pictures aren't so great.  But, they are still funny.

Noah preferred to stay on the boat.

Then, a big wave came and this happened.  
Luckily, they weren't scared.  I've warned them every time that if they ever flip, don't worry, we  circle around and come back for them.  They did fine and thought it was hysterical.

Then, we came home and Suzy had a feast ready for us....
rib eyes, corn, baked beans, baked potatoes, salad, oh my gosh, it was so good.

To work off some of the dinner, we took a walk tonight.  Oh, I never mentioned the desserts, cherry pie with fresh cherries that David picked, chocolate cake, strawberry shortcake.  And breakfast every  morning too....french toast, blueberry pancakes, a pound of bacon every morning for the boys.  

We need to go on more than one walk, that's for sure!  But, I loved how the sun looked coming through the trees.

My Dad has this thing that he piles a new rock on his piles when he walks down his path.  So, the kids started doing that and making their own pile.  One is an Emily pile.  There is a Noah pile and a Galeana pile.

And Ben is contact to spin webs all day.

Oh, we adverted a major issue today.  We were supposed to get our rental car at 11:30.  That was smack dab in the middle of the day, so we thought maybe we could modify it and get it at 9 when they open.  Now, the rental car place is 45 minutes away.  So, not around the corner.  I try to call them and I keep getting sent to the 800 number.  So, I go online to modify it and it says, this location is closed due to Iron Man competition.  What?  Nobody told me that.  No phone call, no email, no text.  Thanks a lot Budget Rental Car.  So, after 30 minutes on the phone today to a several different employees, I finally confirmed that the location is closed today and we can't get our car.  Do you know how ticked I would've been if my Dad and David wasted 2 hours of our vacation day to go get a car they couldn't get?  LIVID!!!!  So, we are getting it first thing in the morning and heading out for Canada from the car rental place.  Oh, and Budget is so generous, they are giving us a credit of 22 cents.  How nice!  I won't book with them again that's for sure. 

We drive half way to Vancouver tomorrow and are staying the night in Osoyoos, British Colombia!


Linda said...

More great photos and fun moments, except for the rental car thing. We have only one rental car place in Champaign where we get all of our vacation rentals from (since we always have to rent to avoid putting miles on our already-old vehicles and we never have any room for everyone in one of our existing cars anyway, though that may change in the future since this was our last big trip where we pay the way of everyone). Anyway - it's Enterprise rental and they've always been great to us.

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

As Linda mentioned too bad about the car rentals, but as usual you got it figured out in time.Looks like a fun day other than that. You always seem to pack so much into a few short hours. Suzy's final farewell dinner looked yummy and she did a great job. You know I could never manage that anymore.. Maybe never could.In any case glad you had such a great time. Safe travels to your next destination. ☼