Saturday, June 25, 2016

Idaho, Day 4

Emily keeps asking my why I keep taking sunset, because they look like this!  This was last nights sunset. So pretty

We have little jack rabbits at home, they have huge bunnies here.  This little guy was wandering around the yard.  He was fast.

David took out the green kayak and went for a row this morning.  On his way back, Emily wanted to head out there in the orange kayak and meet him.  She was handling it so well that David thought it was me from a distance.  That's my girl!

Then, my Dad and the boys took the canoe to meet them.  

And while I was on the dock, I saw this bee swoop in and he ate this dragonfly.  I had no idea they did that.  Poor dragonfly.  I would've tried to stop the bee, but it all happened too quickly.

Here they all are in the middle of the lake.

Then, the 5 of us took out the paddle boat.  There was a time when that was the only toy my Dad and Suzy had.  My Aunt Rosie and I had some great times in that boat.  If you look, I'm on the left and I'm taking a selfie of the 5 of us.

And here's that selfie.  :)

It's 1/4 mile to the other end of the river and it took us maybe 30 minutes, but we got there.

I told the kids it doesn't count unless they touch the rocks on the other side, so they did.  

And this is my Dad's house from across the lake.  It's the white dot smack dab in the middle.

We finally made it back.  My legs will feel that tomorrow.

Then, some clouds came in and it got a little cool and by cool, I mean maybe 70.  So, we decided to build a fire in the middle of the day. Why not?  Fires are one of Noah's favorite things.

Then, we made smores!

Then, it warmed up and we played in the water and just hung out all day.

Here's Emily doing some tricks on the trampoline.

And here's Noah's tricks.  :)

And we took out jet skis.

There are these super cute baby birds in the bird house.  I got too close and the Mama came by and almost took me out!  She's serious!

Emily tried to swing, but the neighbor had on her sprinklers and Emily was getting a little wet.  

Suzy made us another fantastic dinner.  Seriously, great meals.  We've had tri tip, roast, chicken and tomorrow is rib eyes.  David is in heaven.  

Then, we went for a boat ride on the pontoon boat. 

It didn't feel cold, but as soon as you got on the water it got cold.  

We were all bundled up.  David even used the boat cover.

It was another great day.  Tomorrow is our warmest day yet.  Looking forward to more time on the water!


Anonymous said...

Well day #4 looked like a very full day on and off the water. Yes, your Dad sure has all the water toys now and it would be hard to find another spot so well equipped and ready to show you guys such a great time.Thanks to Susie you are also well fed. In any case I'm loving all the pictures and sure am glad you are having a great time.Tomorrow is your last day. Enjoy! ☼

Linda said...

Beautiful family moments! :)
I'm missing the hot dry weather from South Dakota. We returned home to hot, humid weather - typical summertime weather in Illinois and it's unbearable outside right now. There it was 101 at the Badlands but it was a dry heat and didn't bother me nearly as much as 100 with 100% humidity like we have here. Also, I wonder how it is there in Idaho, but we have virtually NO bugs at the cabin in South Dakota. It was wonderful. Again, it's quite the contrast here in humid Illinois where it's so buggy at night, no one can enjoy sitting outside.

Love, Linda

Linda said...

I forgot to mention - A jackrabbit (which is HUGE) ran across the path in front of me while on one of my morning runs at the cabin and I was so excited because I had never seen one in the wild. I tried to get a picture or video but he was so fast and disappeared into the woods before I could get anything. We do not obviously have jackrabbits here - just small brown bunnies which haven't even been in our yard this year, because I have a huge vegetable garden and didn't need to install any of the chicken wire thus far.