Friday, June 24, 2016

Idaho, Day 3

We woke up today to clouds, rain and fog.  It was supposed to be about 57 degrees.  Much too cold for outdoor adventures.  Noah was making the most of it on the treadmill.

So, we thought about what we could do.  There are a couple of movie theaters about 45 minutes away, so the boys decided to go see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  It was a discount theater, so it was only $3 admission.  Perfect.  Emily really didn't want to see Ninja Turtles, so the girls decided to drop the boys and head to Target.  Two hours to browse in Target sounds like a dream.  Then, we get there and a Starbucks is in the Target.  Heaven!

We drop the boys at the theater and we are running a little late.  So, they all dodge the rain and run in the movies.  We drive to Target.  It's 1.4 miles away.  Suzy realizes this little triangle with an exclamation point has popped up on the dash.  She asks what it means.  I have no clue.  She opens her door and shuts it on the road, nothing.  It's still on.  I think maybe it's that a tire pressure is low since it's so cold.  Anyway, David texts me that he's in line to buy popcorn. but this theater is cash only.  What?  In 2016.  How can that be.  Luckily, my Dad had just enough to cover the movie and snacks.  Whew.

We pull into the parking spot and Suzy turns off the car.  They have one of those fancy keyless entry cars.  Um, where are the keys.  She can turn it off, but she won't be able to turn it back on without the keys close to the car ignition.  Um, they are in my Dad's pocket.  At the movies.  1.4 miles down the road.  So, we lock the car and go do our shopping.  Suzy calls my Dad, but realized later that my Dad didn't bring his phone.  I texted David, but his phone was already off for the movie.  Oh well, we enjoyed our shopping.

Now, I rarely take Emily shopping.  Or if we do, it's quick in and out.  She was loving browsing the clothes and jewelry.  My girl is growing up.

We went to Starbucks and Suzy had her first carmel frappaccino.  Seriously, she'd never had one.  She's a total fan now.

The movie was over and David calls me.  I explain what's going on and I can hear my Dad cracking up in the background.  Yep, the keys are in his pocket.  He thinks the whole thing is hysterical.  I tell David to send my Dad and the boys in a store and for David to walk the 1.4 miles with the keys and we'll be waiting in Starbucks.  Like 12 minutes later, he walks through the door.  I was so shocked I thought he hitched a ride with someone.  He ran the whole way in the rain.  His glasses were all wet and he was wet and cold.  So, we got our stuff and went and picked up my Dad and the boys.

Meanwhile, we are all cracking up about the whole thing in the car.  So, that's what the triangle with exclamation point meant...."Go get the keys out of your husbands pocket!!!!!"  Now, we know.  It was like a comedy of errors.  And David is telling us about the seats in the theater.  They were from 1980 probably and you only got 1/2 a back on the seat.  I guess that's what you get for a 1/2 price ticket.  It was all very funny and at least we still had an adventure on this rainy wet day.

The clouds should clear tomorrow and we'll have a nice 2 days here.  


Anonymous said...

Hahaha!! That reminds me of the time you lost the keys to your pathfinder at the movie theater and we had to walk to my house so I could drive you to your house so that we could break into your house by me pushing you through the window so that you could get the extra set of keys to your suv so that I could drive you back to the theater, where by now they found your original set of keys and you could drive yourself home! Good times, good times!
Love you,

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh what an adventure. It was as you mentioned surely a comedy of errors. Too funny. I read your post just before going to sleep last night and I think i dreamed of all kinds of kinks like that all night long. Too funny. Hope today is a better day with a few less anxious moments. ( or maybe you were not anxious at all... just me :)
Have fun... only another day after today to enjoy your little piece of paradise. It went too fast.

Linda said...

Glad you had fun despite the cooler temps and rain. :) I'm like Suzy I guess because honestly I never have Starbucks. The only coffee in fact that I ever drink is 1/2 cup in the morning and that's it and the only time I have ever had Starbucks in my life, is the few times Sarah bought me it while we were out. It's just not my thing. :)

I always figure on some rain for our trips, but this time, we had absolutely none. It was literally the perfect sunny summer week which is what we had in South Dakota the last time we were there 10 years ago and it was virtually the same week in June. The days got pretty hot - varying from 80s - 100 depending on which part we were in, but every evening and night was wonderful - in the 50s-60s and I'd turn off the air and have the windows opened for sleeping. Perfect weather.

Hope you catch perfect weather the remainder of your travels.
Love, Linda