Thursday, June 23, 2016

Idaho, Day 2

I got my camera pictures downloaded tonight.  So, here are a few pictures from yesterday.  David and Ben were wrestling on the pier and David threw him in the water.

Noah loves his little mini jet ski that runs on batteries.  It shoots water out the front when you press a button.  That's his favorite feature.

Ben and Em were on the paddleboards my Dad and Suzy got them and Noah was on his jet ski.

Ok, now on to today.  I walked out of the bedroom and saw Noah and Katie playing together.  

Then, David went out to pick cherries from the neighbors tree.  She doesn't want any of them.  He was careful to avoid all bear and deer skat.  Yes, this is the first year that we've seen bear skat around the house.  It's smaller black bears, but definitely bears.

Suzy made the kids a pound of bacon.  She spoils the kids (well, all of us) rotten and bought them a pound of bacon for each day we are here.

They also got this small green kayak for Noah, but Emily tried it first with David.

Then, Noah wanted to join them on his jet ski.  So, they head down the river like this.

The next thing I see is David pulling a caravan of Noah and Emily while they sit back and enjoy the ride.

It was cloudy and windy and a little cool this morning.
But, they took out jet skis anyway.

David took out Ben and Emily.  

Then, we went for a walk.

David was using his walking stick to whack the bushes and then the kids had to follow, so they were all hitting the bushes the whole way.  This pic looks like Ben is going to whack Emily.

The flowers were so pretty.

Noah went out in his kayak for the first time and I wasn't expecting much.
But, he was a total pro.  The kid handled it like it was nothing.

And they jumped on the raft.

Noah and I took out the kayaks together. 

Emily and Noah loving on each other.  This is always such a rare sight that I feel like it's a magical unicorn sighting and must be photographed.

Suzy made the best dinner of tri tip, potatoes, salad, brussel sprouts.  Yum. 
Then, after we went out on the speed boat.

Katie Sue doesn't like the speed boat so much.

My girl.  I love her wild hair.

My sweet Kiki.

Noah decided to be brave and went on the raft.

We hit one big wave and he was done.

 But, Ben and Em were ready for another round.

Then, David, Noah and I took the kayaks out again.

And this was the gorgeous view from my kayak.  I could've stayed here all night.

But, we came in for strawberry shortcake.  Suzy was making a pie out of all those cherries and Emily says, it's raining.  I go outside and see this stunning sunset.  Amazing.

It's truly so beautiful here and I'm so happy my kids get to come here year after year and spend this time with their grandparents. 

Tomorrow is supposed to be cold and rainy.  It may be game and movie day which is fine with us.  We don't mind the cold and downtime one bit.


Anonymous said...

Looks like so much fun! I be jealous! Love all the pics!
Me xo
(Pam) hehehe!!xxoo

Anonymous said...

Wow what a fun busy day. Ben must be in heaven with all that Bacon..

Linda said...

Great photos and beautiful scenery!! Looks very similar to what we experienced in the Black Hills and Wyoming. Such a gorgeous part of the country. I have to say, you are definitely on the ball with your posts and photos... I am home now after we drove a total of something like 2,800 miles and with nearly 2,000 photos/videos to sort through. My camera setting was on raw for the majority as Sarah had borrowed it to shoot a wedding the weekend before and so all of the photos had to be converted to something I could work with like .jpg. That was a chore, but Jim did it for me and now I'm organizing and this will take days, months, likely - I plan to make a music video of the trip but that's going to be a long ongoing project for me, as I have some surprises in store for it, involving old videos from our original vacation in the hills from 10 years ago. Anyway, it was a wonderful trip and I'm glad to see you are having fun on yours!

Love, Linda