Thursday, June 30, 2016

Gibsons, Day 9

It was another beautiful day in Gibsons.  We went for a walk this morning.  There are wild blackberries every where and we found some huckleberries too!  The blackberries aren't quite ready yet.  But, when they are you'll see bear skat all near the berries.  Ben tried his first huckleberry.

Can you spot the water snake in this picture?

Here he is slinking off to the ocean.

Our walk was along the water and so pretty.

But, we did way too much stopping for beach glass.  It took us an hour just to go 30 minutes.

I had to stop for pictures along the way.  The flowers are so pretty here.  This bee likes it too.

Here's Ben on a rock pondering life.

More pretty flowers.  These ones hung upside down.

My sweet kids.

More pretty flowers....

Emily's tree trunk.

This looked like something from a Dr. Seuss book.

The pretty view with low clouds.

Noah on a rock we named Noah's Rock.

Ben on Ben's Rock.

More pretty flowers.

Then, we came home and had some lunch.  Later, we went pier jumping.  We usually sit there for about an hour and think of jumping.  This time, off we went.  I was in first.  

It's always fun to jump.  Noah still didn't do it this year.  Maybe next.
Then, we just played on the beach.

They tried to through Noah in the water.  

Then, we all went out for Chinese food for dinner.  Yum.  


Linda said...

Another beautiful day!
I loved all of the photos, and especially the picture of the Foxglove (the upside down flower) and the Thistle (the Dr. Seuss one). Saw lots of Thistle out in South Dakota and Wyoming and I have Foxglove in my garden at home though they haven't grown back this year but I think they grow as a biennial here.

As a non-swimmer, I would not be jumping off the pier, lol. Water sports aren't the same for me where I enjoy best viewed from the shore, but looks like the perfect place for you all. ♥

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

I really loved all your pics for the past two days. I know you are having lots of fun and just hanging out would be fun too. No one looked that excited about the Chinese meal, but I love the Chinese food in Vancouver and area.Probably everyone was exhausted after the action packed day you had. Hope Noah got enough sea glass to make him happy and loved the pic of Ben on the rock looking out over the water.. would love to know what was going on in his mind.Anyway at this point you still have a day and a half left to enjoy. Hope Canada day is fun. I don't think you've ever been there on that occasion before.You'll be able to relate as to how it compares with July 4th.
Enjoy your last few hours.