Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Gibsons, Day 8

We spent the day at Soames Beach.  It's the beach right by their house.  We gather up stuff for the day and make some sandwiches and head down.

Noah wants a mason jar full of beach glass like Emily has.  So, we got right to work. Noah was like the manager walking around and collecting glass from everyone.  We were his minions.  But, it's so nice to just sit and look around for glass listening to the waves.

Then, Noah wanted to be buried in the sand.  So, Amy and Emily did just that.  

Then, they turned him into a mermaid with boobs. But, Noah didn't like the boobs so they smoothed them out and made him a merman tail.

Then, Noah needed to relax.  

David went for a swim.

Emily and Amy played.  Amy is leaving Friday for a rodeo with her friends, so we only have 2 days with her.

Ben ran around the beach all day.
Uncle Terry came down and him, Aunt Paula and Amy went for a swim.  That's Terry in the front and Amy and Paula are tiny heads in the back.  It was great that Aunt Paula felt well enough to join us at the beach this year.  She's had a bum knee and some other problems, so it's nice that she was able to spend some time at her favorite place with us today.

And this is a crazy story.  So, my friend, Jodi, from Prescott Valley, and I were talking a month ago. I told her we were going to Gibsons and she says her friend lives in Gibsosn.  Really?  Gibsons is a pretty small town, so it was weird.  She told me she owns this cute little store called Giggles and Bloom.  It's right by the Dollar store we take the kids to when we come here.  So, we are sitting on the beach and these people next to us have a old english sheepdog named Phoebe who is sweet and keeps coming over to us.  So, we start talking and wouldn't you know it....she says she takes her dog to work a lot and so she's used to people...oh, where do you work?....Giggles & Bloom....wait a second, do you know Jodi....Jodi from Arizona?....Yep that Jodi!  It was funny.  

So, I took a selfie with Chelsea and put it on Facebook for Jodi to see.
Talk about a small world.

Then, we went for gelato again tonight.  I shouldn't be having ice cream every night, but YOLO.  That's my motto.  :)

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Linda said...

Looks like a fun day and that's neat about meeting your friend's friend there! :)
Love, Linda