Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Gibsons, Day 7

I always seem to have a few pictures from the night before.  After I post the blog, something always comes up that's camera worthy.  Last night, the kids were playing out on the lake until past 9:00.  We could just sit on our balcony and watch them.  They were jumping off the wall.

And Emily did some handstands...

The drive today from Osoyoos to Hope was super scenic.  One lane highway most the time, but curvy and beautiful.  

We stopped in Hope, Canada as I had found a cute little park in the main part of the city.  It was such a cute little town.  The kids made a sprint for the playground after 3 hours in the car.

We brought all the fixin's to make sandwiches, so we had a nice lunch.

And the flowers were so pretty.

There was this super cute little coffee house called Blue Moose across the street.  Oh my gosh, they had the best muffins.  We got coffee caramel and chocolate banana.  They were the best muffins I've ever had.  It's a good thing we didn't eat them until we left the store, or I would've gone back and bought 6 more. Seriously.

Here's the huge trees in the park and I noticed the bear proof trash cans.

Then, we hit the road again for Vancouver.  I love this bridge.

We boarded the ferry and there was a sea otter.  Not sure if you can see it.  It's the little black ball in the  middle of the photo.

Look at Emily and Noah lovin' on each other.

The ferry pulled up and I couldn't get over all the barnacles all over this pillar.

Then, we finally got Uncle Terry and Aunt Paula's.  Noah was having a deep conversation with Uncle Terry.  I think about math.  

Then, we went for gelato.  Ben got bubble gum with a piece of bubble gum on top.

Then, we walked down to the city park to play for a bit.

And this was so cute...a public piano.  Emily played a bit.  Then, we played Heart & Soul.

Tomorrow will be a fun day at the beach!  The weather should be perfect here in Gibsons!  We can't wait to just relax and look for beach glass.


Linda said...

A wonderful day of travels and family gatherings! ♥
Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

It is so great that you had your trip planned so that you would have time for stops and a bit of exercise along the way. That way it doesn't really seem so long for the kids.Glad you made it safely to Gibsons before the sun went down.;.. even though I suspect it was still light out fairly late. It is a great time of year to be there if you want long days.I was happy to see that Noah was ready for some serious conversation although Terry didn't look too serious.Anyway hope the next few days are lots of fun for all.