Monday, June 13, 2016

Around Our House...

It's been a busy summer so far.  The boys are on a Lego quest to redesign superheros.  Ben made Spiderham on the right and the left is Green Gobbler instead of Green Goblin.

Noah made Goose Rider.
And there is The Mighty Boar instead of Thor... and so many more.  

We've been enjoying the summer movies at Harkins. 

The girls all went to their first mid high get together at church on Wednesday night.
Only to find they take a break for the summer and won't be back until July.  Ooops.

David watched this video where this little boy shaved his eyebrows and his Mom drew on funky ones.  David thought it was hilarious.  So, I drew eyebrows on the boys.  

This bunny in our front yard is the cutest thing ever.  He digs a little hole in the ground and gets down in there to stay cool.  He's so cute.  I was telling the kids about how we used to have rabbits feet on keychains and they were dyed these funky colors like bright orange.  Were those things really rabbits feet?  I remember you could feel little claws in them.  Oh, the '80's.  Good times.  That stuff would just never fly today.  Real or fake.  

So, the new trend for girls is to dip dye their hair in Kook Aid.  One of Emily's friends did it and it looks cute.  Em wanted to try it, but was nervous, so she wanted to do purple.  I didn't think it would turn out on her dark hair, but we went for it anyway.  

So, your supposed to hold your head over cups of hot Kool Aid for like 30 minutes.  I thought that was ridiculous.  So, I cut out fingers from gloves and put the Kool Aid in there and twist tied it around here little pony tails.  Much better.  They look like little purple balloons hanging from her hair. or little eggplants.  

Then, you make a paste of Kool Aid and conditioner and put that on your hair with foil for an hour.

And then, you rinse with cold water and the results???

I felt so bad for her, she was excited and then like what? This sucks!  :)

I told her we need to do a bright color or it will never show up in her hair.  Her friends are all blondes, so it shows up easily.   It was a little more obvious in full sun.  Last night, when we were volunteering at church, I could see some purple in the sun.

But, we weren't very impressed with it.  So, we picked up an actual box of purple hair color from Walmart when we were out on Sunday.  Now, the box came with a bleaching agent, to bleach brown hair first, but Emily absolutely didn't want to do that.  So, I figured we'd just slap on the purple and see what we get.  Worst case scenario, it's a fail again, and we can just redo it with the bleach.  But, it was so easy with just the premade dye and foil.  An hour later and it was a nice purple.  Nothing bright like on the box, but it was perfect for her.  She was super excited and loves it.

And this is what Ben does for exercise. It may look easy, but seriously, don't try it. I almost injured myself.

Emily went to camp last week at our church and the boys did this week. They usually do the week together, but you have to pick activities you want to do and the boys didn't really like the activities last week. I didn't really want to take them two different weeks, but hey, it sure is quiet around here. I'll take it! The boys this week are doing rock climbing, wood chuck (who knows what that is), man camp and spy school. That's right up there alley! Last week, Emily did archery, rock climbing, duct tape crafts and cooking. They have a great time! And I let them off the hook from enrichment hour and chores if they are at camp.

We leave for our vacation in like 9 days. How did that happen so fast?


Anonymous said...

Good times! Emily's hair looks great! Can't believe how fast the summer is flying by! PS - you know I'm going to try Ben's tricks next time I visit! Xo

Linda said...

Everything is so fun! Love Emily's purple hair! I was just saying to Sarah in Target the other day when I saw some pretty vibrant hair colors how I thought that would be fun on the ends and how I wanted to do that before. Seems I'm never acting my age, lol.

Love, Linda

Anonymous said...

Amazing what a difference new eyebrows make. The boys look completely different. Emily's new looks are not too extreme. That's good for her.I love Ben and Noah's creativity. They never run out of fun things to do.Ben has more energy than any other little guy. I don't know how he does it.... Anyway looks like everyone is having fun and enjoying their summer vacations.